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Not only do users help themselves on technical issues that directly affect them, but they also discuss the best ways to contribute to the Debian project and help it move forward— discussions that frequently result in suggestions for improvements.. ./sbin/start-stop-daemon. -rw-r–r– root/root       663 2004-11-30 22:26 ./etc/iceweasel/profile/chrome/userContent-example.css. 8.1.3. Migrating to UTF-8. title GNU/Linux. The GNOME project also provides a graphical administration interface in the gnome-system-tools package. Installed by default for a desktop system, it includes applications that can be found in the menu at System-> Administration. Easy to use, these applications cover only a limited number of base services: user and group management, time configuration, network configuration, disk management, and management of startup services.. This backup mechanism is easily implemented with thedirvish program. It uses a backup storage space (“bank” in its vocabulary) in which it places timestamped copies of sets of backup files (these sets are called “vaults” in the dirvish documentation).. #   MIN HR    DOM MON       DOW  STRFTIME_FMT. #          IP for each simultaneous client.. In some circumstances, access to part of a website needs to be restricted, so only legitimate users who provide a username and a password are granted access to the contents.. # /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server start. […]. Xen requires modifications to all the operating systems one wants to run on it; not all kernels have the same level of maturity in this regard. Many are fully-functional, both as dom0 and domU: Linux 2.6 (as patched by Debian) and 3.0, NetBSD 4.0 and later, and OpenSolaris. Others, such as OpenBSD 4.0, FreeBSD 8 and Plan 9, only work as a domU.. Unlike other virtualization systems, KVM was merged into the Linux kernel right from the start. Its developers chose to take advantage of the processor instruction sets dedicated to virtualization (Intel-VT and AMD-V), which keeps KVM lightweight, elegant and not resource-hungry. The counterpart, of course, is that KVM only works on i386 and amd64 processors, and only those recent enough to have these instruction sets..  ..