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A similar process is used for Fedora Core updates and Fedora Extras: software is released to a testing repository, where it is tested by volunteers on the bleeding edge, and once the bugs are worked out, the software is moved to the Fedora Core updates or Fedora Extras repository.. …allowing multiple users to use a sound device at the same time?.  AccelFactor = 0.0015. $ls -l -a. uname (1) – print system information. $passwd. KDE’s Konqueror application provides a similar display when you select View->View Mode->Detailed List View.. There are three levels of information managed byyum : a list of packages available from the repositories, including capabilities provided by those packages; the headers for packages, which contain the metadata for those packages, including the capabilities required by those packages; and the packages themselves, which include both the metadata and the file archive. All of this information is stored in/var/cache/yum .. %{_bindir}/*. Pass 4: Checking reference counts. ? The Dovecot web site: Jun 1 08:47:14 darkday kernel: hub 1-0:1.0: over-current change on port 1. General information about the mailing list is at:. Figure 9-5. XChat preferences window [Картинка: i_160.jpg].  Select the checkbox of all of the physical volumes you wish to use in this volume group..