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In this book, we discuss editing modes for C++, Java, Lisp, Perl, and SQL. There are many modes for other languages, including rare languages like Scheme. There’s no way we could discuss everything.. After you define some abbreviations and save them, Emacs loads the abbreviations file automatically. When you define word abbreviations in subsequent sessions, Emacs asks again whether you want to save the abbreviations file. Respond with ay to save the new abbreviations you’ve defined and have them take effect automatically.. An interesting twist to the shell command facility is that you can use a region of a buffer rather than a traditional file as input to the command. For example, let’s say we want to sort a phone list. First, we put the cursor somewhere in the list (say, on the first character ofLiam), then we give themark-paragraph command (M-h). This command defines the phone list as a region, with the cursor at the beginning of the paragraph and the mark at the end.. [Картинка: i_144.jpg]. В -. You could approach HTML mode in a couple of ways. You could learn the key bindings for various tags, or you

could simply use thesgml-tag command for everything. It depends how many bindings you want to learn. A mixed approach may be best, where you learn keystrokes for the most common tags and usesgml-tag for less common tags.. Then you see a*Macroexpansion* window that contains this result:. Word abbreviation mode is a wonderful way to correct typos on the fly. But it can’t work that way unless it is turned on. Let’s use Custom to turn on word abbreviation mode (discussed inChapter 3).. (function-name arguments). В В (condition1В В В В В statement-block1). В В В В ;; syntax error at automake line 922, near “‘:'”. В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В (buffer-enable-undo). Finally, you need to convert these lines of Lisp into a value forhtml-mode-hook. Here is the code to do this:. (add-hook ‘html-mode-hook. To download Emacs from the FSF, simply point your browser at Scroll down to find thewindows folder. In there, you should find several downloads. The binaries come in three flavors:.

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