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2.3.2 Recovering Earlier Deletions. 2.4.1 Placing Text on the Clipboard. Note the title of your new frame. The first frame in your session, your initial Emacs frame, displaysEmacs@system name at the top (or Emacs’s best guess at the system name). Any other frames you create display the buffer name at the top. In fact, once you have multiple frames,all frames display the buffer name as their title. If you delete all frames but one, the title once again reverts toEmacs@system name.. Emacs opens a*Bookmark Annotation Compose* window.. A flextime schedule.. Space andDel are handy screen-scrolling commands found in various read-only Emacs modes.. You can also put a buffer directly into SQL mode withM-x sql-mode. This provides some assistance for motion and composition of SQL statements, but mostly it’s there to let you build complex statements and then ship them to the interactive buffer for execution.Table 9-10 shows how to send various segments of the buffer to the database.. You can add your own associations toauto-mode-alist, although the syntax is weird if you are not used to Lisp (seeChapter 11 for the gory details). If you are programming in the Ada language, and your Ada compiler expects files with suffix.ada, you can get Emacs to put your files in Ada mode whenever you visit them by putting the following line in your.emacs file:. “goats”. В В (let ((op1 (calc-pop)). 12.2 Version Control Concepts. By the time you read this book, then, your

VC may well handle additional systems besides the ones we have described here (though CVS and Subversion are likely to remain the most popular ones for the foreseeable future). If you are a skilled Emacs Lisp programmer (or would like to become one) and have your own favorite version control system, by all means hack the source code—extend VC to use it, and share your results so that everyone benefits.. As projects scale up in size and intricacy, however, suchad hoc measures increasingly fail to prevent damaging friction and lead to death by accumulated details. Complexity control for very large projects requires a fundamentally stronger (and, unfortunately, more constraining and complex) support environment that goes beyond version control—a full project-management system.. GPL-compatible is a critical distinction for many organizations. As our reviewer Mike Trent points out, many organizations release their software under a modified GPL because the GPL’s license is actually “viral.” That is, if one line of GPL’d code appears in a project, the entire project must be GPL’d. This means corporations interested in protecting their assets but still wanting to share code with the open source community cannot use the GPL without some modification.. 37.

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