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1.3 A Word About Modes. This procedure continues until you reach the end of the file. As we’ve said, typing! fixes the rest of the file.. (setq-default flyspell-mode t). You can display multiple buffers in separate windows or frames or both. The important thing to remember is that all the buffers you create are active even if they are not currently displayed.. (setq calendar-week-start-day 1). You define a rectangle the same way you define a region; the commands you use after marking the area tell Emacs whether you want to work with a region or a rectangle. (This is a good time to let go of your mouse and use keyboard commands for marking the text. Highlighting remains horizontal when you’re working with rectangles and will only confuse you as you begin to think rectangularly. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with using the mouse to move the cursor quickly; just don’t use it to highlight text.). Writing XML involves entering structured information that complies with a document type definition or schema. Even within Emacs, the XML support you receive varies. At the low end of the spectrum, there is plain vanilla Fundamental mode. It provides simply a screen where you type. Specialized modes like SGML mode provide support for entering tags, as we saw earlier in our discussion of HTML mode, a derivative of SGML mode. But neither of these approaches help you parse or validate XML (SGML mode has a command for validating, but it is tricky to set up correctly). More advanced Lisp packages, though currently not included in Emacs, are available to provide these functions. These add-on packages provide validation against DTDs or schemas, parsing capabilities, and, typically, an array of standard DTDs and schema definitions. In Emacs, these tools primarily work in conjunction with one of two major modes. psgml mode validates XML (and SGML) against DTDs. The newer nxml mode validates against RELAX NG schemas. We cover both of these options in this section. Before we go into detail on those modes, however, let’s look briefly what Emacs has built-in with SGML mode.. Output displayed byxdvi.. ;; Load CEDET. The minibuffer prompts for a specific option to customize (Windows).. One trick that can be useful when you are experimenting with regular expressions and trying to get the hang of them is to type some text into a scratch buffer that corresponds to what you’re trying to match, and then useisearch-forward-regexp (C-M-s) to build up the regular expression. The interactive, immediate feedback of an incremental search can show you the pieces of the regular expression in action in a way that is completely unique to Emacs.. В В “A list which specifies what substitutions to perform upon loading a. (defun calc-print-stack (В ). off the stack, perform operation tok (given as string), push. TableВ A-6.В Programming.