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• Macros (Chapter 6). All Emacs commands, even the simplest ones, have a full name; for example,forward-word is equivalent to the keystrokesM-f, andforward-char is equivalent toC-f. This tying of a command to a keystroke combination is called a key binding. Some commands have only full names, with no corresponding key binding.. [Картинка: i_017.jpg]. If the cursor is here:M-d makes this edit:It was the worst of timesIt was the w_of timesIt was theworst of timesIt was the_of timesIt was the worst of timesIt was the wors_of times. Before M-tAfter M-tCharles,DickensDickens, Charles_. Type:M-< M-% Whirligig Enter HealthBug Enter. [Картинка: i_045.jpg]. [Картинка: i_096.jpg]. [Картинка: i_098.jpg]. Although our latest macro is interesting, it's not really a general purpose macro. It is a temporary solution to a one-time problem. It saves you some work, but it isn't general enough to save and use again. On the other hand, our macro to transpose names is generally useful. We'd like to use it again. We'd like to bind it to a key. But it is no longer the "latest" keyboard macro.. Erase Customization. Allows you to turn on (and off) several features of Emacs including the menu bar and toolbar..   (setq path (cons "" load-path)). Completion. 19.