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• You can pressEnter to select the default option that appears in the minibuffer. If you want a different one, press the up or down arrow key until the option you want appears and pressEnter.. Table 3-7 shows some examples.. Type:C-x 5 2. Notice two fields near the top of this buffer,Command: andKey:. Right now,Command: sayslast-kbd-macro. If this were a named macro, the command would be the name you gave your macro. Additionally, for frequent use, you can bind your macro to a key, at which point theKey: field lists the keystrokes to execute this macro. Right now it saysnone because we haven’t defined any keystrokes yet.. Once you’ve set the prefix, you can type your message normally.. TableВ 7-3.В Centering commandsKeystrokesCommand nameActionM-scenter-lineCenter the line the cursor is on.M-Scenter-paragraphCenter the paragraph the cursor is on.(none)center-regionCenter the currently defined region.(none)Editв†’Text Propertiesв†’Justificationв†’Centerset-justification-centerCenter selected text.. 8.4.1 Writing XML with SGML Mode. }. We should emphasize that using Custom or editing.emacs

by hand is not an either-or proposition. When you save options via Custom, it adds its settings to the end of your.emacs file and warns you not to edit them by hand. Despite this prohibition, you can easily add your own customizations to the beginning of that file. To illustrate this,Example 10-1 shows a sample.emacs file for Mac OS X that shows edits made directly by the user as well as sections added by Custom (shown in bold). 11.3 Useful Built-in Emacs Functions. В В В В ;; or GNU utilities:. %creator%,%author%. В В В В В В В В В В В (setq bbinds (cdr bbinds)))))). SGML stands for standardized general markup language. Both XML and HTML are descendants of SGML.. 91.

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