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/* This is ac comment */. Another issue with cutting and pasting is encoding. Encoding is a complex topic in Emacs; full Unicode support is slated for Emacs 22. At this point, we can only point you to a variable that may help you resolve cut-and-paste related encoding issues:set-clipboard-coding-system.. To transpose two letters, put the cursor on the second of the two letters to be transposed. PressC-t. (If you often transpose letters, word abbreviation mode, discussed inChapter 3, cleans up typos automatically.). Type:M-x edit-tab-stops. Emacs inserts a blank rectangle that is four spaces wide. It moves the rest of the table to the right.. Emacs is not, by any means, a graphics package, but it does provide some limited drawing capabilities. Emacs includes a picture mode that allows you to draw simple pictures using keyboard characters; it also includes artist mode, which enables you to draw quickly using the mouse.. Key bindings are intuitive in HTML mode. Like most specialized editing modes, many functions are bound toC-c C-something. We’ve seenC-c C-t to insert a tag. You won’t be too surprised to find that to move forward to the next tag you typeC-c C-f and to move back to the previous tag you typeC-c C-b. To insert an tag, typeC-c C-h. You see what we mean.. 8.5.1 Matching Braces. Recall the “times” example earlier in this chapter. Let’s say you are typing in a} to end the function, and the{ that begins the function body is off-screen. There is no code on the line following the beginning{, so you see the following in the minibuffer after you type}:. When themake command completes, you should be in good shape. The last step for CEDET is to update your.emacs file:. В В “Given a number (as string), push it (as number). В В code for mode hook)). “Count the number of C function definitions in the buffer.”. (setq load-path (append load-path (list “~yourname/lisp”))). For the 21.3 build, Andrew Choi has posted the steps required to retrieve and build Emacs at