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A related command iswrite-file (C-x C-w). It is the Emacs equivalent of theSave As option found on many applications’ File menus. Thewrite-file command asks you to type a new filename in the minibuffer. However, if you just pressEnter instead of typing a new filename,write-file saves the file with its old name—just asC-x C-s would have done. (It does ask if you want to replace the current file with the one in this buffer, however.). Ispell replaces the word and goes on to the next misspelling.. Table 4-5 summarizes the bookmark list commands. It includes a few commands relating to annotations; we’ll cover these in the next section.. If you remember the commands used to edit the buffer list (fromChapter 4), you will find that they are almost identical to the directory editor commands. You can do many additional things, but the basic commands are the same.Warning. Now tell Emacs you want to sort yourphone file and put the output in a new file calledphonesorted. The cursor is on thephone file, so you don’t need to type its name in the command. Substitute an asterisk (*) for the name of the file:. You can type the second line of your comment. You can also useM-j to split existing comment text into two lines. Assume your cursor is positioned like this:. (setq mac-command-key-is-meta nil). ;; Make sure spaces are used when indenting code. A list of useful Emacs variables, grouped by category, appears inAppendix A, with descriptions and default values. Emacs has more than 2,500 variables—many more than are covered inAppendix A. If there is something about Emacs that you want to customize, a variable probably controls the feature (especially if what you want to change involves a number or a true-or-false condition). To find out whether any variables relate to what you want to do, you can use theapropos-variable command described inChapter 14 to look for variables and their descriptions.. Here is the element we would add tocompilation-error-regexp-alist:. As we just saw, variables can be defined by usingsetq to assign a value to them, or by usinglet to define local variables within a function. The more “official” way to define variables is thedefvar function, which allows documentation for the variable to be integrated into online help facilities such asC-h v (fordescribe-variable). The format is the following:. (cons 1 (list 2 3 4 5)). Bear in mind that the elements of a list can be anything, including other lists. (This is why a list is called arecursive data structure.) In fact (ready to be confused?) just about everything in Lisp that is not an atom is a list. This includes functions, which are basically lists of function name, arguments, and expressions to be evaluated. The idea of functions as lists will come in handy very soon.. RSA key fingerprint is 80:5a:b0:0c:ec:93:66:29:49:7e:04:2b:fd:ba:2c:d5.. Info-exit.