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[Картинка: i_024.jpg]. 3.2.1 Simple Search and Replace Operations. Theuntabify command works on a region. Therefore, to use it, you must put the mark somewhere in the buffer (preferably at the beginning), move to some other place in the buffer (preferably the end), and typeM-x untabify Enter. The commandC-x h (formark-whole-buffer) automatically puts the cursor at the beginning of the buffer and the mark at the end. It makes untabification a bit easier because you can do it all at once with the simple sequenceC-x h M-x untabify Enter.. [Картинка: i_129.jpg]. Type:C-x r y. If you do want to include an email address, enter a line like this in your.emacs file (substituting your own email address, of course):. The*compilation* buffer indicates (somewhat cryptically) that the document is valid.. Other helpers are available from the JDE menu. Generate Get/Set Pairs in particular is great for working with JavaBeans design patterns. Just create your list of attributes and then run the wizard. It even checks to see if you already have an existing get/set pair. If you do, it notes that get/set pair as “existing” and keeps on trucking so you can use the wizard to update existing classes.. The commands listed inTable 10-1 apply to the currently marked text. We used a number of these commands to produce the simple text example shown inFigure 10-12.. • –no-init-file,-qload neither ~/.emacs nor default.el. Before we move on to other operators, a few more comments about character sets and ranges are in order. First, you can specify more than one range within a single character set. The set[A-Za-z] can thus be used to specify all alphabetic characters; this is better than the nonportable[A-z]. Combining ranges with lists of characters in sets is also possible; for example,[A-Za-z_] means all alphabetic characters plus underscore, that is, all characters allowed in the names of identifiers in C. If you give^ as the first character in a set, it acts as a “not” operator; the set matches all characters that aren’t the characters after the^. For example,[^A-Za-z] matches all nonalphabetic characters.. At first, you might think the answer is simply to create a hook for C++ mode that rebindsM-f andM-b, the default bindings forforward-word andbackward-word, to the new commands, like this:. • Invoke Emacs with the command-line option”-lpackage-name”. This action loads the packagepackage-name.. 2.В Unpack the archive.. To install on Windows, simply download the latest binaries, unpack into a new folder using WinZip or Windows own decompression utilities, go to thebin subfolder and double-click onrunemacs.exe. By right-clicking on the icon, you can send a copy of the icon to the desktop..