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Asking for help about a keyboard command.. Search and replace definitely go together, like coffee and cream. Let’s say you’re working on a new software application and at the last possible moment, the Marketing Department decides to change the product’s name.. • If the abbreviation’s definition contains any uppercase letters, Emacs always inserts the definition without changing anything. For example, if you defineora as an abbreviation forO’Reilly Media,O’Reilly will always be capitalized exactly as shown.. Type:M-x calendar. PressTab on the next line.. 11.1.3 Turning Lisp Functions into Emacs Commands. (how-many 0). The simplest context operators for regular expressions are^ and$, two more basic operators that are used at the beginning and end of regular expressions respectively. The^ operator causes the rest of the regular expression to match only if it is at the beginning of a line;$ causes the regular expression preceding it to match only if it is at the end of a line. In Example 2, we need a function that matches occurrences of one or more asterisks at the beginning of a line; this will do it:. В В В В В **/. whitespace is necessary, except to separate numbers.”. You can byte-compile a single function in a buffer of Lisp code by placing your cursor anywhere in the function and typingM-x compile-defun. You can byte-compile an entire file of Lisp by invokingM-x byte-compile-file Enter and supplying the filename. If you omit the.el suffix, Emacs appends it and asks for confirmation. If you have changed the file but have not saved it, Emacs offers to save it first.. For more task-specific help, you can click on any of the commands in the quick help window using your middle mouse button to get help describing what it does. (If you lack a three button mouse, you can click on the command with your regular mouse button and then pressEnter.). Now, without further ado, here are the tables of Lisp packages.. 60. Lisp programmers will understand that there are other ways to add toauto-mode-alist, such asappend..