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3.В Move the cursor where you want to insert the copied text and pressC-y. Emacs inserts the text you copied.. If your new frame completely overlaps your current frame, you may need to size the new frame to tell them apart. For a more convenient solution, add these lines to your.emacs file:. PressTab repeatedly to the end of the window, pressEnter, then pressTab once.. The lower right corner of the rectangle is defined.. XML appears on the mode line and an*SGML LOG* window opens. If you are using TEI Emacs, XSLT appears on the mode line along with XML.. When themake command completes, you should be in good shape. The last step for CEDET is to update your.emacs file:. Used for editing Lisp code intended for another Lisp system (suffix.l or.lisp).. The easiest way to use fonts and colors is to load the Lisp packagefont-lock.el (included with the Emacs distribution). This mode tries to highlight interesting features of your text buffers using color and different faces. As an example, try picking out comments in C and Lisp buffers, and painting them in a color that contrasts with the basic black of the code.. Although this mode is quite usable as is, much design and development still needs to be done before the capabilities enriched mode supports are mature and well integrated with other Emacs modes. By the time you read this, there may be several such libraries, each supporting a different enriched format such as HTML. Eventually modes like these should enable Emacs to support WYSIWYG and even multimedia editing.. Before we move on to other operators, a few more comments about character sets and ranges are in order. First, you can specify more than one range within a single character set. The set[A-Za-z] can thus be used to specify all alphabetic characters; this is better than the nonportable[A-z]. Combining ranges with lists of characters in sets is also possible; for example,[A-Za-z_] means all alphabetic characters plus underscore, that is, all characters allowed in the names of identifiers in C. If you give^ as the first character in a set, it acts as a “not” operator; the set matches all characters that aren’t the characters after the^. For example,[^A-Za-z] matches all nonalphabetic characters.. %package%. В В В В В В ‘(lambda (В ). Installing Ispell on Windows can be tricky. Emacs 20 and beyond includes features like Flyspell and earlier versions of Ispell won’t handle that functionality. Many Windows users do not compile their own software, and even if they did, the very newest Ispell also doesn’t work with Emacs.. • Text and auto-fill modes. Finally, if you’re interested in looking at the source code of the libraries, which can be a great way to pick up techniques as you develop skills in programming Emacs Lisp, check out thefind-library-file function presented inChapter 11..