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• How to organize files in Emacs (Chapter 5). the regular expression would be:. Type:C-c C-o. By default, the list is sorted by filename, but you can sort it by date instead. Look at the mode line. It says(Dired by name). To change the order of the display, types (fordired-sort-toggle-or-edit). This command puts the newest files at the top of the list, solving the “Where’s that file I worked on yesterday?” problem quite easily. The mode line says(Dired by date). Typings again toggles the sort, putting it back in alphabetical order.. You’ll be able to think of many more things to do with macros after you learn the few basic commands you need to use them.A Macro Revolution. We want to insert a paragraph before the first paragraph.. [Картинка: i_190.jpg]. ;;. The next line sets up awhile loop; Java and Perl have a similar construct. Thewhile construct has the general form. It is also theoretically possible for VC to get confused by a race condition between two or more VCs, or between VC and someone running the bare SCCS, RCS, or CVS utilities. This is not just a VC problem; the same sort of race is possible (though less likely) between two or more people running the bare utilities. However, this kind of race is very rare even in VC; the authors haven’t heard of any instance in hundreds of thousands of programmer-hours in which it’s known to have happened.. For more on the design issues in project-management systems, see the latter half of the bookApplying SCCS and RCS by Don Bolinger and Tan Bronson (O’Reilly).. If you do have a bug to report, typeM-x report-emacs-bug to send it from within Emacs. You’ll be prompted for a subject line and dropped into Emacs’ interface for sending mail. If mail from Emacs isn’t set up properly, you can email using your preferred mail client. Be sure to include an informative subject line that summarizes the problem.. TableВ D-3.В Text-related sites. TableВ E-9.В Buffer commands. 41.