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Marc Loy: I have the occasionally lazy—no, let’s say overworked—staff at the University of Southern California’s computer labs to thank for getting me started on Emacs. They were out ofvi cheat sheets when I sat down to write my first computer program. (I won’t admit to the language I had to use.) I’ve been grateful for that happenstance ever since. I’d also like to thank Jim and Deb for their cheery outlook on things as we finished up this latest edition. As always, my sister Amy and my partner Ron remain constant forces for good in my world and make all the silliness (like politics) surrounding the fun stuff (like writing about Emacs) tolerable.. “esc”В В В В В 6В В В В В В В В “Esc”. To display the calendar, typeM-x calendar. Emacs displays a calendar window with three months: last month, this month, and next month.. Your menus vary depending on whether you install nxml mode directly or whether you use TEI’s version. TEI provides support for encoded characters using the UniChar menu. It also provides extensive XSLT support. TEI’s NXML menu includes some TEI skeletons as well as nxml mode options. Nxml mode installed includes an XML menu with options for setting the schema and customizing the mode.Table 8-7 lists some of the commands available in nxml mode.. M-m is handy for moving to the beginning of the actual code on a line. For example, assume your cursor is positioned like this:. В В В В В В result += y;. prints in the minibuffer:. The secondlet extracts the filename from the buffer from the beginning to the end of the match to thefile-subexp-th subexpression, and it extracts the line number similarly from theline-subexp-th subexpression (and converts it from a string to a number). Then the code visits the file (in another window, not the same one as the error message buffer) and goes to the line number where the error occurred.. To make this work, the template system needs to be able to do a couple of things:. В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В (while the-list. В В В В В В В В В (let ((fbinds (where-is-internal ‘forward-word)). Create a temporary directory and move there (you can substitute another name fortmp).. TableВ E-12.В Dired commands (Chapter 5)KeystrokesCommand nameActionC-x dFileв†’Open DirectorydiredStart Dired.COperateв†’Copy todired-do-copyCopy file.dMarkв†’Flagdired-flag-file-deletionFlag for deletion.DOperateв†’Deletedired-do-deleteQuery for immediate deletion.fdired-advertised-find-fileFind (so you can edit).gImmediateв†’Refreshrevert-bufferReread the directory from disk.mor* mMarkв†’Markdired-markMark with*.QOperateв†’Query Replace in Filesdired-do-query-replaceQuery replace string in marked files.ROperateв†’Rename todired-do-renameRename file.sdired-sort-toggle-or-editSort the Dired display by date or by filename (toggles between these).tMarkв†’Toggle Marksdired-toggle-marksToggle marks on files and directories; pressingt once marks all unmarked files and directories; pressingt again restores original marks.uMarkв†’Unmarkdired-unmarkRemove mark.+Immediateв†’Create Directorydired-create-directoryCreate a directory.* !orM-DelMarkв†’Unmark Alldired-unmark-all-filesRemove all marks from all files.. 9. TEI Emacs, mentioned earlier in this chapter, automatically sets up the environment for you and adds more features including Auctex, a complete authoring environment that supports many TEX variants as well as bibcite/bibtex for generating bibliographies. However, LaTeX mode under TEI Emacs appears to be a different beast from Emacs LaTeX mode, and we do not describe it here..