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• Creating macros to streamline repetitive tasks. Stallman’s Emacs became prominent with the birth of the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and the GNU Project in 1984. GNU stands for “GNU’s Not Unix” and refers to a complete Unix-like operating system (OS) that Stallman and his associates were building.. (auto-compression-modeВ В В В В В В В В В В 1). Emacs asks what command you want to run (Mac OS X).. Table 7-6 contrasts the picture mode commands with their normal text mode behavior.. We’re going to give you a taste of artist mode; you can perfect your skills in your spare time. When you start artist mode, picture mode starts automatically.. These major modes help you insert formatting commands, or markup, into your text. While the amount of help that Emacs offers varies, using the mode designed for your text formatter will streamline your work.. If you define a region around this code and you typeC-M-\ (forindent-region), Emacs reformats the code in the default style like this:. 4.В Compile JDEE.el files (optional).. We should emphasize that using Custom or editing.emacs by hand is not an either-or proposition. When you save options via Custom, it adds its settings to the end of your.emacs file and warns you not to edit them by hand. Despite this prohibition, you can easily add your own customizations to the beginning of that file. To illustrate this,Example 10-1 shows a sample.emacs file for Mac OS X that shows edits made directly by the user as well as sections added by Custom (shown in bold). Both Custom and the Edit menu in Emacs provide you with a way to change the current font and color by picking a new one from the Text Properties menu.. В В (cons ‘(“Fehler auf Zeile \\([0-9]+\\) in \\([^: \t]+\\):” 2 1). В В В В В В ‘(lambda (В ). This variable is normallynil. Make itt to tell VC not to trust a file’s permissions or ownership as indicators of its version control state. This change slows VC down a lot, but it may be necessary if (for example) your development group is working in several different directories and accessing work files via symbolic links. In such a case, the permissions and ownership of the link convey nothing about the state of the work file.. 44.