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Ispell moves to the next unrecognized word, another proper name.. “loaction” 1В В В В В В В “location”. To open a new frame, typeC-x 5 2 (formake-frame). Emacs makes a new frame containing the current buffer and puts it on top of the current frame.. Type:C-x 5 2. If you open a new file in text mode, tabs are set every eight spaces by default. (Programming modes have their own indentation behavior; seeChapter 9 for details.). Type:C-x C-f ataleoftwocities.html. The mode line tells us that this file is currently invalid. Emacs highlights errors with red underscores. Let’s deal with these errors one at a time.. Your menus vary depending on whether you install nxml mode directly or whether you use TEI’s version. TEI provides support for encoded characters using the UniChar menu. It also provides extensive XSLT support. TEI’s NXML menu includes some TEI skeletons as well as nxml mode options. Nxml mode installed includes an XML menu with options for setting the schema and customizing the mode.Table 8-7 lists some of the commands available in nxml mode.. Used for editing Emacs Lisp code, as covered inChapter 11 (filename.emacs or suffix.el).. The next two conditional expressions in thecond statement check ifcount is 1 or 2 and cause it to return “one” or “two” as appropriate. We could have written the first one using the same structure, but then we’d have missed out on an opportunity for a digression into Lisp trivia!. В В В В В В В В В В (while (string-match “/” result). The last function call in the file,(provide ‘template), records the fact that a “feature” named “template” has been loaded successfully. Theprovide function works withrequire to allow libraries to be loaded just once. When the function(require ‘template) is executed, Emacs checks whether the feature “template” has ever been provided. If it has, it does nothing, otherwise, it callsload-library to load it. It’s a good practice to have your libraries support this mechanism, so that they can be gracefully and efficiently used by other libraries through therequire mechanism. You’ll find this pattern throughout the Emacs library sources.. В В (insert ““)). В В Should Emacs use mmap(2) for buffer allocation?В В В В В В В В В no. Type a comma: ,.