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• Turning on text mode and a fill mode so Emacs does word wrap. If you decide to exit the recursive edit and cancel the query-replace in one fell swoop, you can typeC-] (forabort-recursive-edit) orM-x top-level Enter rather thanC-M-c.. ChapterВ 4.В Using Buffers, Windows, and Frames. Here’s a hint for dealing with the very common mistake of finding the wrong file. If you notice that you’ve found the wrong file withC-x C-f, useC-x C-v to replace it with the one you want.C-x C-v finds a file, but instead of making a new buffer, it replaces the file in the current buffer. It means “get me the file I really meant to find instead of this one.” Using this command circumvents the problem of having unnecessary numbered buffers (i.e.,proposal,proposal<2>, and so on) lying around.. For example, let’s say you want to edit the following table, moving the “Hours” column to the right side. There’s no way to do this using regions, but it’s easy to do if you learn some rectangle editing commands.. Table 8-5 lists bindings for inserting character entities in HTML helper mode.. • Words, which correspond toidentifiers andnumbers in most programming languages.. The compilation feature requires access to thetools.jar file (or the equivalents built-in to some JDKs). If the JDEE compile command fails with an error message about not being able to find thetools.jar file, your best bet is to customize the JDEE variablejde-global-classpath. Make sure that variable includes thetools.jar file.. 9.8.4 Lisp Mode Differences. В В В В p print entire stack contents (top to bottom). В В (interactive). В В В В В В В В В (define-key html-mode-map”\C-c\C-h” ‘html-head). Creating a library requires two simple steps. First, create a directory in which your Lisp code will reside. Most people create aelisp subdirectory of their home directory. Lisp files are expected to have names ending in.el (your.emacs file is an exception). The second step is to make your directory known to Emacs so that when you try to load a Lisp package, Emacs knows where to find it. Emacs keeps track of such directories in the global variableload-path, which is a list of strings that are directory names.. VC grabs a bit of the mode line for each buffer visiting a registered file and tries to use it to keep you informed of the version control state of that file. You’ll notice that when a buffer is visiting a version-controlled file, the mode tags part of the mode line (shown in parentheses) shows the name of your version control system and a revision number for the file.. vc-mistrust-permissions.