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Sometimes it’s more useful to mark files whosecontents match a given regular expression. To mark files that contain a certain regular expression, type% g, followed by the regular expression to match (thinkg forgrep if you’re familiar withgrep).. 8.3.2 Using HTML Helper Mode. 8.4.4 Using psgml Mode. [Картинка: i_202.jpg]. After you download the CEDET distribution from SourceForge, unpack it wherever you want it to reside. Open a terminal window (or start a Cygwin bash terminal on Windows) and change to the directory where you unpacked the distribution. From there you should be able to run the following command:. If you want to useeval-expression, typey. This command actually results in the following line being put in your.emacs file:. (setq-default indent-tabs-mode nil). В *. 11.5.4 Lisp Code for the Calculator Mode. ;; Calculator mode.. If you mark several files in this Dired buffer (with the ordinary Dired mark command described inChapter 5) and then perform either avc-next-action orvc-revert-buffer, VC performs that operation on all the marked files. The most common case in which you’ll perform this procedure is when you want to check in changes to several files simultaneously. VC helps you out: it pops up a buffer for only one change comment, which it then applies to every revision the check-in creates.. TheC-x v s (forvc-create-snapshot) prompts you for a symbolic name. VC then associates this name with the current revision level of every registered file under the current directory.. Completion. [Картинка: i_008.jpg]. TableВ A-2.В Searching and replacing.