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emacs auto-mode-alist emacs how to exit

When you’re defining a region, you normally set the mark at one end and then move the cursor to the other end of the region. A few shortcuts are helpful in some of the most common situations. To mark a paragraph, pressM-h. This sets the mark at the end of the paragraph and places the cursor at the beginning automatically. Similarly,C-x h (formark-whole-buffer) marks the entire buffer; the cursor goes to the beginning, and the mark is placed at the end. Finally,C-x C-p marks the current page, withpages being defined by theC-l character if you are in text mode. Of course, marking a paragraph, page, or buffer is usually only the prelude to some other operation, like killing (C-w).. think this is socially conditioned.”. (lisp-mode-abbrev-table). Emacs displays the output from the command in a separate window (Mac OS X).. Emacs moves the files (Windows).. What if you want to note that you have to file your expense report on the fifteenth of every month? Emacs accepts the asterisk wildcard (*) for the month, as you will see when you typei m (forinsert-monthly-diary-entry). Emacs inserts an asterisk in place of the month, followed by the day, as in* 15 for something scheduled for the fifteenth of each month. As always, you make a note following the entry.. Emacs inserts the

HTML template.. You can easily get rid ofsingle-line comments by typingM-x kill-comment Enter, which deletes any comment on the current line. The cursor does not have to be within the comment. Each language mode has special features relating to comments in the particular language, usually including variables that let you customize commenting style.. #endif. В В В В ;; but they are valid now; so I made it more strict about the error. В В (setq calc-stack nil). В В (pop-to-buffer “*Calc*” nil). These common kinds of problems can be addressed with aversion control system. A version control system gives you automated help at keeping a change history for a file or group of files. It allows you to recover any stage in that history, and it makes getting reports on the differences between versions easy.. FigureВ 12-5.В The Ediff control window showing Quick Help (Mac OS X) [Картинка: i_236.jpg]. You can have more than two windows on the screen, but only two are compared: the one the cursor is in and the next window (remember that the next window is either to the right or down if there is no window to the right)..

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