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emacs book emacs indent-tabs-mode

В В ;; If you edit it by hand, you could mess it up, so be careful.. How does this work in practice? Let’s revisit our previous example, assuming that we want to changeWhirligig toHealthBug throughout (and that we didn’t save the changes we made withreplace-string).. If you try to useC-x 5 0 to delete the only frame that is left, Emacs won’t do it. To exit Emacs, typeC-x C-c or close the frame as you would any other GUI window using the mouse.. Marking files sequentially is simple but, in all honesty, it’s not very powerful. Emacs provides commands for selecting types of files that you often want to get rid of when you’re cleaning up a directory: backup files, auto-save files, and so-called garbage files.. Friday Payday. • Virtually any error automatically terminates a macro. If Emacs beeps at you, you have to start over.. ChapterВ 8.В Markup Language Support. of (lines);. (mary bob (dave (pete)) ed). If you make a mistake or supply a value that is not appropriate for the variable, you get a brief error message in the minibuffer. As with other utilities that grew up in the world of Unix, no news is good news. If you don’t see any error messages, your change was successfully saved.. Be careful here: it’s entirely possible that something in your current session will interact with your new.emacs file. For example, if you have already set a default value for a variable, commenting out

that line of your.emacs file will not remove the value unless you also remove the default value by hand. If you’ve got a fairly simple configuration, though, you should be fine. Reloading.emacs is certainly faster that restarting Emacs!. Before we get to the example, however, some more comments on Lisp syntax are necessary. First, you will notice that the dash (-) is used as a “break” character to separate words in names of variables, functions, and so on. This practice is simply a widely used Lisp programming convention; thus the dash takes the place of the underscore (_) in languages like C and Ada. A more important issue has to do with all of the parentheses in Lisp code. Lisp is anold language that was designed before anyone gave much thought to language syntax (it was still considered amazing that you could use any language other than the native processor’s binary instruction set), so its syntax is not exactly programmer-friendly. Yet Lisp’s heavy use of lists—and thus its heavy use of parentheses—has its advantages, as we’ll see toward the end of this chapter.. В В (save-excursion. (funcall calc-proc-fun tok). %sudo ln -s /sw/bin/ispell /usr/bin/ispell.

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