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GNU Emacs and the Free Software Foundation. Depending on your style, you may still prefer to useEsc instead ofMeta. Just bear in mind that withEsc you press and release the key, then press the next key.. All Emacs commands, even the simplest ones, have a full name; for example,forward-word is equivalent to the keystrokesM-f, andforward-char is equivalent toC-f. This tying of a command to a keystroke combination is called a key binding. Some commands have only full names, with no corresponding key binding.. 1.2 Understanding Files and Buffers. Chapter 2. Initial state:. Alternatively, the Buffer Menu popup lists buffers by major mode, and you can choose one. Hold downCtrl and click the left mouse button to see a pop-up menu of your current buffers. (The Buffers menu at the top of the screen also shows all current buffers.). If you typeC-x b to move to another buffer, the name at the top of the frame changes to the new buffer’s name (and on Linux, it shows the path as well). To move to a buffer and put it in a new frame, typeC-x 5 b. You might have guessed that one.. [Картинка: i_196.jpg]. for (i = 0; i< x; i++). Since an S-expression can be a wide variety of things, the actions of commands that handle S-expressions are determined by where your cursor is when you invoke them. If your cursor is on a( or on a space preceding one, the S-expression in question is taken to be the list that starts with that(. If your cursor is on some other character such as a letter or number (or preceding whitespace), the S-expression is taken to be an atom (symbol, variable, or constant).. 12.9 Customizing VC. U emacs/COPYING. • full (fullbin)—the full meal deal; everything and then some. * * *.