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emacs can do emacs hooks

Chapter 2. Chapter 10. Emacs moves the files (Windows).. Emacs sets the mark at the upper-left corner of the rectangle.. this = is (a);. В В В В В В В В В (c-set-style “stylename”))). В В В ‘comint-watch-for-password-prompt). (define-key global-map “\C-xl” ‘goto-line). Finally we show you how to program a simple major mode, illustrating that this “summit” of Emacs Lisp programming isn’t so hard to scale. After that, you will see how easy it is to customize Emacs’s built-in major modes without having to change (or even look at) the code that implements them. We finish the chapter by describing how to build your own library of Lisp packages.. В В В В В В В В В В (find-file-other-window filename). FigureВ 12-6.В Differences displayed by Ediff [Картинка: i_237.jpg]. 3.В Use thecvs command to grab the source code.. * * *. TableВ E-12.В Dired commands (Chapter 5)KeystrokesCommand nameActionC-x dFileв†’Open DirectorydiredStart Dired.COperateв†’Copy todired-do-copyCopy file.dMarkв†’Flagdired-flag-file-deletionFlag for deletion.DOperateв†’Deletedired-do-deleteQuery for immediate deletion.fdired-advertised-find-fileFind (so you can edit).gImmediateв†’Refreshrevert-bufferReread the directory from disk.mor* mMarkв†’Markdired-markMark with*.QOperateв†’Query Replace in Filesdired-do-query-replaceQuery replace string in marked files.ROperateв†’Rename todired-do-renameRename file.sdired-sort-toggle-or-editSort the Dired display by date or by filename (toggles between these).tMarkв†’Toggle Marksdired-toggle-marksToggle marks on files and directories; pressingt once marks all unmarked files and directories; pressingt again restores original marks.uMarkв†’Unmarkdired-unmarkRemove mark.+Immediateв†’Create Directorydired-create-directoryCreate a directory.* !orM-DelMarkв†’Unmark Alldired-unmark-all-filesRemove all marks from all files.. The animal on the cover of Learning GNU Emacs, Third Edition is a gnu (or wildebeest). Gnus are African antelopes that inhabit the Serengeti Plains. Male gnus (bulls) reach up to 52 inches in height and 500 pounds inweight, and have the most lethal horns of any of the antelopes. Bulls are very territorial and tend to remain alone. The females and young generally live in small herds. However, they may congregate in the tens of thousands during migration. Gnus are the favorite prey of lions..