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emacs can’t tab emacs hello world

This search procedure is a combination of an incremental search and a regular expression search.. You could change these variables through Emacs’s interactive customization facility, Custom, instead (seeChapter 10).. What you use macros for will depend on the kind of work you do in Emacs. We’ve used macros to:. Another indentation command isC-M-o (forsplit-line). You can use this command to create a stairstep effect. Move the cursor to the text that you want to put on the next line and pressC-M-o. Note that there must be some text following the cursor in order for this command to work properly; if you try it at the end of a line, it does nothing.. 8.4 Writing XML. /*В В В В of (lines); */. You can customize Emacs in three ways: using Custom, the interactive interface; using the Options menu, which is really a backdoor to Custom; and directly by adding lines of Lisp to your.emacs file. This chapter covers all three of these methods.. Show/Hide. Context. This instruction creates alambda function with the one key binding command as its body. Then, whenever you enter picture mode (starting with the next time you invoke Emacs), this binding will be in effect.. As for the final destination of the executable, that’s also up to you. Most Unix systems (including Mac OS X) will do well to use the/usr/local hierarchy. That directory is both common and the default choice in the build scripts. If you’re not on a machine that you have complete control over, though, you can certainly install Emacs into your home directory (or a subdirectory you keep for you own software).. 14.4 Navigating Emacs Documentation. TableВ E-25.В Important modesModeFunctionfundamental-modeThe default modetext-modeMajor mode for writing text (Chapter 2)outline-modeMajor mode for writing outlines (Chapter 7)picture-modeMajor mode for creating ASCII drawings using the keyboard (Chapter 7)html-modeMajor mode for writing HTML (Chapter 8)sgml-modeMajor mode for writing SGML and XML (Chapter 8)latex-modeMajor mode for formatting files for TEX and LATEX (Chapter 8)c-mode, c++-modeMajor mode for writing C and C++, and Java programs (Chapter 9)java-modeMajor mode for writing Java programs (Chapter 9)perl-mode, cperl-modeMajor modes for writing Perl programs (Chapter 9)sql-modeMajor mode for interacting with databases using SQL (Chapter 9)emacs-lisp-modeMajor mode for writing Emacs Lisp functions (Chapter 9 andChapter 11)lisp-modeMajor mode for writing Lisp programs (Chapter 9 andChapter 11)lisp-interaction-modeMajor mode for writing and evaluating Lisp expressions (Chapter 9 andChapter 11)auto-fill-modeMinor mode that enables word wrap (Chapter 2)overwrite-modeMinor mode that replaces characters as you type instead of inserting them (Chapter 2)flyspell-modeMinor mode for flyspell spell-checker (Chapter 3)flyspell-prog-modeMinor mode for spell-checking programs with flyspell (Chapter 3)abbrev-modeMinor mode for word abbreviations (Chapter 3)artist-modeMinor mode for creating ASCII drawings using the mouse (Chapter 7)font-lock-modeMinor mode for highlighting text in colors and fonts (Chapter 9)vc-modeMinor mode for using version control systems (Chapter 12). 16. For instructions on making these bindings work properly, read this section carefully..