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emacs can’t tab emacs indent block

2.1.3 Repeating Commands. [Картинка: i_080.jpg]. FigureВ 7-6.В A representative sample of artist shapes [Картинка: i_175.jpg]. TableВ 8-9.В TeX and LaTeX mode commandsKeystrokesCommand nameAction(none)tex-modeEnter TeX or LaTeX mode according to file’s contents.(none)plain-tex-modeEnter TeX mode.(none)latex-modeEnter LaTeX mode.C-jtex-terminate-paragraphInsert two hard returns (standard end of paragraph) and check syntax of paragraph.C-c {tex-insert-bracesInsert two braces and put cursor between them.C-c }up-listIf you are between braces, position the cursor following the closing brace.(none)TeXв†’Validate Buffertex-validate-bufferCheck buffer for syntax errors.(none)TeXв†’Validate Regiontex-validate-regionCheck the region for syntax errors.C-c C-fTeXв†’TeX Filetex-fileSaves the current file, then processes it.C-c C-bTeXв†’TeX Buffertex-bufferProcess buffer.[55]C-c C-lTeXв†’TeX Recentertex-recenter-output-bufferPut the message shell on the screen, showing (at least) the last error message.C-c C-kTeXв†’TeX Killtex-kill-jobKill processing.C-c C-pTeXв†’TeX Printtex-printPrint output.C-c C-qTeXв†’Show Print Queuetex-show-print-queueShow print queue.C-c C-elatex-close-blockProvide closing element of a command pair.(none)tex-close-latex-blockProvide closing element of a command pair.C-c Tab`TeXв†’BibTeX Filetex-bibtex-fileProcess the current file using BibTeX, a system for creating bibliographies automatically.C-c C-vTeXв†’TeX Viewtex-viewView .dvi output.(none)TeXв†’TeX Print (alt printer)tex-alt-printPrint.dvi file using an alternative printer defined by the variabletex-alt-dvi-print-command.C-c C-olatex-insert-blockInsert a block (prompts for block name and options).C-c C-utex-goto-last-unclosed-latex-blockLook backward in the file to find the nearest unclosed block and move the cursor there.M-Enterlatex-insert-itemInsert\item.(none)latex-split-blockInsert an end to the current block and the beginning of a new one.”tex-insert-quoteInsert TeX-style quotation marks.. If you define a region in the usual way and typeM-x comment-region, the result is:. ChapterВ 10.В Customizing Emacs. Set for Current Session. By now, you should have a framework of Emacs Lisp that should be sufficient for writing many useful Emacs commands. We have covered examples of various kinds of functions, both Lisp primitives

and built-in Emacs functions. You should be able to extrapolate many others from the ones given in this chapter along with help techniques such as those just provided. In other words, you are well on your way to becoming a fluent Emacs Lisp programmer. To test yourself, start with the code forcount-words-buffer and try writing the following functions:. (defun calc-push (num). В В “Given an arithmetic operator (as string), pop two numbers. %cvs -z3 co emacs. RSA key fingerprint is 80:5a:b0:0c:ec:93:66:29:49:7e:04:2b:fd:ba:2c:d5.. One exception to this rule is the*scratch* buffer. It’s a scratchpad and Emacs assumes you were doodling, not doing serious artwork, so to speak. If you do any serious work in the*scratch* buffer, you must save it explicitly.. 14. We know! There is noM-x cc-mode. It can be confusing. Just try to remember that the modes are named directly after the language they support..

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