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What does integration mean? A simple example will help. Assume that someone sends you a mail message describing a special command for accessing a new printer. You can fire up an Emacs shell, paste the command into Emacs, and execute it directly. If it works, you can edit your startup file to create an alias for the command. You can do all this without leaving the editor and without having to retype the command once. That’s why Emacs is so powerful. It’s more than just an editor; it’s a complete environment that can change the way you work.. Chapter 10. With query-replace, Emacs conditionally replaces a string throughout a file. Emacs finds all occurrences of the search string, and for each one it asks you whether or not to perform the replacement. This type of replacement is useful if you need to change some, but not all, instances of a word or phrase throughout a file.. Because Emacs generates backup files and, at times, auto-save files, you may want to delete them from time to time. Emacs offers shortcut commands to flag such files. Typing# flags all the auto-save files (files whose names start and end with#) for deletion. Emacs flags them with D. Typing~ flags all the backup files (whose names end with~) for deletion. You can remove the flags from backup files you want to keep, for example, the backup copies of files you’ve recently worked on.. [Картинка: i_094.jpg]. Type:C-c C-f. 9.3 C and C++ Support. Available on SourceForge ( or by following the links from the JDEE home page. This collection is quite popular as a foundation for more interesting programmer tools. You may already have a sufficient version installed, but it’s best to get the latest release.. jde-run-working-directory. 9.8.4 Lisp Mode Differences. Althoughauto-save-interval takes aninteger (number) value, many Emacs variables take true or false values, calledBoolean in computer parlance. In Emacs Lisp,t is the true value, andnil is the false value, although in most cases, anything other thannil is taken to mean true. Emacs variables can take other types of values, and here is how to specify them:. В В В В В В В “” ; the “else” clause, returns an empty string.. %class%. This variable controls the set of version control systems used by VC, and the order in which they are found in the list controls the order in which they are attempted. It defaults to(RCS CVS SVN MCVS SCCS). If you remove values from the list, they won’t be considered valid version control systems to use. If the list is empty, VC is disabled entirely.. 83.