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3.В Move the cursor where you want to insert the copied text and pressC-y. Emacs inserts the text you copied.. “prhase”В В 1В В В В В В В В “phrase”. Type:M-x edit-tab-stops. A brief tour of HTML helper mode. GNU Emacs provides excellent support for marking up TEX files. Most people today use LATEX , which is written in TEX and provides more control over formatting. As a result, we’ll talk about LaTeX mode here.. 9.2.3 Indenting Code. Several Emacs variables can have different values for each buffer (local values, in Emacs parlance) as well as adefault value. Such variables assume their default values in buffers where the local values are not specified. A common example is starting a new text document. The local value for theleft-margin variable has not been set, so Emacs uses the default value forleft-margin. You can change the local value in this buffer if you like. But start a new document in a new buffer and you’ll find thatleft-margin is back to the default value—because the second buffer’s local value has not been set.. (setq auto-save-interval 800).

(defun pluralize (word count).  * @version $Id: ch11.xml,v 1.4 2004/12/17 16:10:05 kend Exp $. only once during a compilation process which includes it an. All this voodoo is necessary so that, for example, the user can type a plus sign and Lisp automatically converts it into a plus function. We could have done the same thing less elegantly—and less efficiently—by writingcalc-operate with acond construct (as incalc-next-token), which would look like this:. (defun calc-pop ( ). query-replace (M-%). This appendix includes some helpful Emacs web sites. Some of those listed describe add-on packages for Emacs. In some cases, the sites have been stable for years and are likely to remain that way. In other cases, web sites come and go and URLs change. If you find errors in this list or have suggestions for additions, please email us at

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