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You’ll see a short message describing a few important menu items and the version of Emacs that you’re running. It may appear as a graphical splash screen (like the one shown here) or a text splash screen. This message disappears as soon as you type the first character. Emacs then puts you in an (almost) empty buffer called*scratch*, an ideal place for you to experiment.. To enter overwrite mode, press theInsert key.[15]Ovwrt should appear on the mode line. If this doesn’t work (or if you don’t have anInsert key), typeM-x overwrite-mode Enter. You can turn off overwrite mode by typingM-x overwrite-mode Enter again. Using Emacs’s command completion, simply typeM-x ov and pressEnter. This is enough of a unique string to tell Emacs you want to toggle overwrite mode. Completion, one of the best shortcuts in Emacs, is discussed further inChapter 14.. Note the title of your new frame. The first frame in your session, your initial Emacs frame, displaysEmacs@system name at the top (or Emacs’s best guess at the system name). Any other frames you create display the buffer name at the top. In fact, once you have multiple frames,all frames display the buffer name as their title. If you delete all frames but one, the title once again reverts toEmacs@system name.. В В В В В {. To see how this procedure works, let’s go back to the code example from earlier in this chapter that contains C preprocessor directives:. You can use several font commands to decorate your text. Most begin with theM-g prefix.Table 10-1 lists some of the more common options. If you like using the menus, you can also select the options inTable 10-1 using the Editв†’ Text Properties в†’ Face menu.. However, it’s quite possible that the mode you want to customize already has hooks defined. If you use thesetq form, you override whatever hooks already exist. To avoid this, you can use the functionadd-hook instead:. After you have created a private Lisp library and told Emacs where to find it, you’re ready to load and use the Lisp packages that you’ve created. There are several ways of loading Lisp packages into Emacs. The first of these should be familiar fromChapter 10:. • It is not integrated with a change request or problem-report system.. 12.13.8 Invoking Ediff Automatically. Warning: Permanently added ‘,’. Jaguar (Mac OS X 10.2) preparation. %chmod +x /usr/bin/emacs. Create a temporary directory and move there (you can substitute another name fortmp).. 62.