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Chapter 2. In addition to navigating the menus using the mouse, Emacs now offers pop-up menus. In the Emacs window, hold downCtrl and click the right mouse button to pop up the Edit menu.[6]. Emacs is clever about what it puts into the kill ring: when it is assembling a big block of text from a group of deletions, it always assembles the text correctly. For example, you can type a fewM-d’s, followed by someM-Del’s, with a couple ofC-k’s thrown in. When you typeC-y, Emacs yanks all the text that you’ve deleted in the proper order.. Emacs goes back to query-replace and you pressSpace to fix the next Bug.. Remember that Ispell, like all spellcheckers, corrects only true misspellings. If a misspelling forms another word, Ispell will leave it alone. It’s up to you to changefries tofires in this passage.. One of the most universally useful features of Emacs is the ability to edit multiple buffers at once and to display more than one buffer using windows and frames. The commands for doing this are simple; you learn only a few commands and yet experience a tremendous boost in productivity. The more you use multiple buffers, frames, and windows, the more uses you’ll think of for them.. Type:C-x 2. 4.5.5 Working with the Buffer List. You can have multiple shell buffers running at once; just use the commandM-x rename-uniquely to rename your shell buffer. You can start another shell buffer, and another, and another—as many as you need to juggle all your tasks.. • Copy headings from one buffer to another to create an outline.. As in the previous example, you can jump back and forth between an unlimited number of buffers while defining a macro. Macros don’t need to be confined to one buffer. Macros that work with several buffers are more difficult to debug; when several buffers are involved, it becomes harder for you to keep track of where the cursor and the mark are. It is also easy to make mistaken assumptions about what buffer you’re visiting; hence, it’s a good idea to specify the buffer name explicitly. However, after you get accustomed to working with macros and multiple buffers, you’ll be amazed at how much work you can do with almost no effort.. • You can edit paragraphs with fill prefixes, then reformat them withM-q, as long as the fill prefix is still defined. If you have cleared the fill prefix, Emacs reformats the paragraph without regard to the fill prefix. If you need to reformat your paragraphs later, after you’ve canceled the fill prefix, define it again and then typeM-q.. 8.4.3 Writing XHTML Using nxml Mode. В В В В }. • Try using the commandemacs -q. The-q option tells Emacs not to read the user’s.emacs file before starting. By doing this, you’ll avoid the user’s private customizations..