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Emacs splits the screen to display help.. To delete a region:. 4.3.3 Getting Rid of Windows. Type:C-x 3. [Картинка: i_110.jpg]. [Картинка: i_165.jpg]. Type:C-c C-v. 9.3 C and C++ Support. Let’s tackle another Custom example with the help of the Options menu. Dired (discussed inChapter 5) has many customizable features. One such feature is thedired-view-command-alist variable. This is a list of helper applications that allow you to open various kinds of files. This feature can be quite handy for viewing binary files such as images or PDF files. This list of helper applications is tailored to Linux. If you want to use other applications or you’re on a Windows or Mac system, you’ll need to customize this variable.. Variables in Lisp are similar to those in any other language, except that they do not havetypes. A Lisp variable can assume any type of value (values themselves do have types, but variables don’t impose restrictions on what they can hold).. In this case, instead of a list of(var value) pairs, there is simply a list of variable names. As with the other form of let, these become local variables accessible in the statement block. However, instead of initializing them to given values, they are all just initialized tonil. You can actually mix both forms within the samelet statement, for example:. ). В В (use-local-map calc-mode-map)). Look for the latest version of Emacs (21.3 inFigure 13-1) and download it.. To display the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) file, typeC-h f. This file is in Info format..