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If you are familiar with partitioning and have special requirementsfor example, you wish to preserve only one filesystem (such as/home ) from a previous Linux installationselect this option.. The one entry in this file associates the system’s name and the localhost alias with the loopback device (which may be expressed as ::1 in IPv6 notation, or in IPv4 notation). This entrymust exist in the file, or many system services will fail to operate..  PalmDetect = 1. Fedora is configured to allow you to log in using a character-mode display even if the graphical user interface is running. In fact, you can log in up to six times, using the same or different user IDs.. Identity added: /home/jon/.ssh/id_dsa (/home/jon/.ssh/id_dsa)  . *Sat Nov 5 2005 Chris Tyler. Specify the LV device as the first argument, and use the –size option to specify the new size for the volume. Use a numeric size with one of the size suffixes from Table 6-2 as the value for the –size option.. Alternately, you can use the Restart button in the Services tool.. Return-Path:. sysfs on /sys type sysfs (rw). other::r–. For example, if you wish to permitfrank to view text files owned byjenny , you could create thesudoers entry:. ——————— SSHD End ————————-. 8.7.3. What About…. Thersync tool works by comparing files and directories on the client and server systems and transferring only the files that have changed. This comparison can use combinations of file-modification timestamp, file size, and checksum, depending on the command-line options selected..