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Fedora Core includes over 2,200 software packages, and Fedora Extras (a library of compatible software) includes hundreds more. All of these packages are open source ( ), which means that the human-readable version of the software (source code ) is distributed along with the ready-to-runbinaries . Each package is licensed under one of a set of open source licenses that permits the software to be modified, adapted, and redistributed.. Since Konqueror was designed as both a web browser and a file manager, it offers many options for customization. You can access these configuration options by selecting Settings->Configure Konqueror from within Konqueror, or within the KDE Control Panel by selecting KDE Components->File Manager. The arrangement of the configuration options is slightly different, depending on the route you take get there; Figure 2-13 shows both layouts.. Removable drives and removable media will be displayed in a Nautilus window when they are mounted, regardless of whether they are mounted automatically (depending on the settings of the checkboxes) or manually.. …(Lines snipped)…. To customize the display, you can:. /dev/mapper/main-home on /home type ext3 (rw). sh-3.1#lvm vgchange -ay. Decision 2: Decide on the backup media. To produce a backup, execute this script:. Fedora provides thenamed domain name server, which is the Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND).named serves two roles:.  # To enable requests to /~user/ to serve the user’s public_html. Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT). unlimitedRC _(“Admin”) _(“Allow rc scripts to run unconfined, including any daemon started by an rc script that does not have a domain transition explicitly defined.”). To re-enable access from a specific host or by a specific user, use the –okhost or –okuser arguments topam_abl :. network –bootproto=dhcp –device eth0.