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Deals with advanced installation options, including resizing a Windows partition to make room for Fedora, automating the installation process with Kickstart, and using Xen virtualization.. EndSection. Freshly inserted media such as CDs and DVDs will be mounted, and an icon will appear on the desktop.. $ls -i/etc/hosts. Table 4-7. Basic vi movement commandsCommandDescriptionLeft, h, or BackspaceMove left one character.Down or jMove down one line.Up or kMove up one line.Right, l, or SpaceMove right one character.EnterMove to the start of the next line.Home, ^, |, or 0 (Zero)Move to the start of the line.End, $Move to the end of the line.:number EnterMove to linenumber.:0 EnterMove to the start of the file.:$Move to the end of the file.wMove forward one word.. To connect to a Fedora system from another Fedora system (or another Linux system), run thessh client, providing the remote username and hostname (or IP address) as a single argument (user @host ). For example, to log in to a host with the IP address using the user ID jon :. /usr/share/man/man6/critter.6.gz. Figure 6-1. Logical Volume Management window [Картинка: i_110.jpg]. Aliases:. If you wish to share the printer with a client that knows only the older Line Printer Daemon (LPD) protocol, such as an older Linux/Unix system or a Windows NT system, you will need to install thecups-lpdpackage.. dnl MASQUERADE_AS(\’)dnl. -rw-rw-r– 1 chris chris 0 May 6 20:52 test. $setfacl -mu:diane:rw,u:jim:r,g::r,m::rw test.  echo.