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The GNOME menu option System->Preferences->Screen Resolution sets the default resolution and refresh rate for a particular user (in KDE, select Control Center from the panel menu, then click on Display under Peripherals; be sure to select the checkbox labeled “Apply settings on KDE startup”). . 3.1. Power Management. Linux filenames can be up to 254 characters long and contain letters, spaces, digits, and most punctuation marks. However, names that contain certain punctuation marks or spaces cannot be used as command arguments unless you place quote marks around the name (and even then there may be problems). Linux filenames are also case-sensitive, so it’s productive to adopt a consistent naming convention and stick to it.. Managing users graphically. If you’re using a broadband connection with a router or gateway, you’ll have to configure the router to pass incoming connections on the SSH port to your Fedora system. Use the router’s Applications and Gaming, Port Forwarding, or Servers configuration options to forward TCP/IP port 22 to your Fedora system. Then you can connect to the Fedora system by specifying the address of the gateway system in thessh client arguments.. A=0. #!/bin/bash. =====================================================================. Read ahead sectors 0. 6.1.3. What About…. RAID 6 uses a similar but more advanced error-correcting code (ECC) that

takes two bits of data for each row. This code permits recovery from the failure of any two drives, but the calculations run about one-third slower than the parity calculations. In a high-performance context, it may be better to use RAID 5 with a hot spare instead of RAID 6; the protection will be almost as good and the performance will be slightly higher.. You will need sufficient disk space to hold the compressed image before it is written to the optical disc. . requisite. Since your message will be read by hundreds or even thousands of people around the world, succinct, detailed, and informative messages are highly regarded, and off-topic and time-wasting messages are disparaged. This doesn’t mean that you have to be an expert to post; most lists welcome messages from community members of all skill levels. Since most list members will only ever know you by your writing, the quality of that writing plays a key role in establishing your reputation within the community.. ? The HTML documentation forsystem-config-netboot : file:///usr/share/doc/system-config-netboot-0.1.38/index.html.

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