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• Understanding how the web-based installer works. How the Metro-style environment and Windows desktop interact with each other is an important consideration for anyone moving to this new operating system. After all, in previous Windows versions, the Windows desktop was the entire user interface, the face that Windows presented to the world. But in Windows 8, the desktop behaves, conceptually at least, as an app that works within the new Windows Runtime (WinRT) and the Metro-style user experience. As such, even users who stick strictly to the desktop environment will still need to deal with, and understand, various Metro-style user interfaces, including the new Back and Start experiences, Switcher, and the Charms bar. And indignities of indignities, you’ll even need to use Metro to shut down your PC!. Using Disk Images. The Music and Video Marketplaces were previously collectively branded as the Zune Marketplace. With Windows 8, that brand is being phased out and is being replaced by the Xbox brand instead.. Thanks to the dynamic nature of its new apps platform, the Metro-style apps that Microsoft includes with Windows 8/RT will change over time, so it’s highly likely that this app will appear somewhat differently over time and will include additional features. This is normal, and as a general statement, it’s probably fair to say that the version of Windows Store you use will provide a superset of the functionality we describe in this chapter.. As noted earlier, Windows Store uses a category-based design in which the various app categories are represented visually by groups that are laid out from left to right, much as Start screen groups can be. The following major groups are available:. Figure 7-21: Metro apps have pretty sophisticated printing choices. [Картинка: i_219.jpg] NOTE. The Metro version of Internet Explorer 10 is configured just like all other Metro-style apps, via the globally available Settings pane. To activate this pane, swipe in from the right of the screen to display the Charms bar and then tap Settings. IE 10 Metro settings can be found at the top of the Settings pane, as shown in Figure 7-26.. • Understanding your options for more sophisticated video needs. Figure 9-9: A single photo viewed full-screen [Картинка: i_301.jpg]. Once relegated only to the corporate market, where they have always made sense because of their security and permissions boundaries, user accounts are central to today’s PC experience—so central, in fact, that you establish your user account when you first install Windows or set up your new PC.. Put simply, Windows 8 treats cellular data just like your smartphone does, neatly bridging the connectivity gap between those small and highly portable devices and the monolithic PCs of the past.. 5 GB monthly pass $50. To unlock a BitLocker-protected disk, you must use a recovery key. This key can take different forms, including a password or smartcard PIN. BitLocker-protected disks can be configured to auto-unlock when you sign in to Windows, which is the recommended approach for day-to-day use.. Here’s what you need to know..