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Back in the“Longhorn” days, when Microsoft was prepping the version of Windows that was eventually released in diminished form as Windows Vista, the software giant revealed that it was working on a new centralized notifications system that would be used by the OS as well as any third-party applications that needed this functionality. The idea was a good one since most Windows applications simply do their own thing when it comes to notifications. But because of delays in getting Vista to market, that notifications system—like many other good ideas from the Longhorn project—never made it to into Windows.. Next, the Home tab includes the most commonly needed commands related to files and folders, and for the most part, this is the obvious place to start if you’re a heavy mouse user and like to click on icons to initiate actions, such as Move to, Copy to, and Rename.. Make It Yours: Personalizing Windows 8In This Chapter. Rating and Reviewing Apps and Providing Other Feedback. While Windows 8 supports numerous account types as explained in the previous section about the People app, only a few of them—Hotmail, Google, and Exchange (which handles Exchange Server, Office 365, many other Exchange ActiveSync-based account types), and IMAP—provide e-mail support that works with the Mail app. Put another way, the Mail app functions much like a mobile device mail application and not like a full-featured desktop application such as Outlook. It’s basically just an EAS e-mail app—Hotmail and Google use EAS behind the scenes to sync with mobile devices—though to be fair, it’s more accurately described as a connected mail app, since it does also work with IMAP-based e-mail accounts too.. As you can see in Figure 8-35, the snapped Calendar app provides a thumbnail view of the month as well as any events that are occurring today. You can also click other days in the month view to see the events for those days.. • Flickr: Yahoo!’s popular Flickr remains the number one photo-sharing service on earth.. If you don’t use Facebook or Flickr, you can actually remove these tiles from the Photos home screen. We describe this process a bit later in the chapter.. This view is about as simple as it looks, but there are some navigational components worth noting. These include the following:. Disk Management has been around since the earliest days of NT, so we won’t belabor its use here, but the important thing to note is that this is the first place you should look when you add a hard disk to your PC and it doesn’t show up in Explorer. From this interface, you can do such things as format a disk, activate a disk, assign a drive letter, partition a physical disk into separate logical disks, and shrink and expand existing partitions. If it relates to storage, Disk Management is the place to start.. Storage Space Tom Foolery: What Happens When…?. • Command Prompt: Designed for advanced users that know their way around a DOS-style command prompt, this interface provides access to a full slate of useful command-line tools, including diskpart.exe, recover.exe, and more.. To be clear, desktop-based applications like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop will need to be reinstalled after using Refresh your PC.. Figure 12-9: If it doesn’t say Administrator above “Password protected,” it’s not an administrator. [Картинка: i_402.jpg]. To use a cellular data connection with the integrated Windows 8 capabilities, or what Microsoft calls mobile broadband, you must have a Windows PC or device that includes a built-in SIM port. If you don’t have such a thing, you utilize external methods for connecting to the Internet via a cellular data connection. Some of the more obvious choices include the following:.