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After your key applications are installed, it’s time to restore any data that you might have backed up from your previous Windows install. How you do this will vary depending on how you backed up that data, but we use the Microsoft SkyDrive application to sync key documents, photos, and other folders between the web and our Windows PCs. So installing SkyDrive (available copies the documents, photos, and other critical files over automatically.. Note that the Windows key (or Windows key button) works like a toggle in Windows 8, another big change from previous versions. In Windows 7, for example, if you tapped the Windows key repeatedly, the Start menu would simply open and close repeatedly. But in Windows 8, tapping this key repeatedly will toggle between the current Metro-style app and the Start screen.. The keyboard icon lets you switch between the different keyboard language layouts your PC or device supports. For most, this will be just one, such as US English, but Windows 8 is the first version of Microsoft’s flagship OS in which every single product edition—Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise, and Windows RT—supports switching languages on the fly using Language Packs. So now everyone can get their multilingual game on.. Let’s look at some common examples.Printing. You can jump quickly to the Home tab from another Explorer tab by tapping Alt + H.. So how does one improve on a cluttered, slow experience? Simple: Make it streamlined and faster. And that’s exactly what’s happened in Windows 8. Now, file copies and moves all occur in a single window in which you can pause any copy or move processes if you’d like to give precedence to another operation. This can be seen in Figure 4-24. You can also Pin to Start from the new Explorer ribbon. Just select the folder or library and then choose Easy Access and then Pin to Start from the Home tab of the ribbon.. And when youdo release the tile, you can see that it’s by itself in a new group (Figure 5-14). Now you can just move

other tiles into that group as you would normally.. • Using People to manage contacts. If you select this notification, you’ll see a window similar to that in Figure 9-15; like the notification, this display can appear anywhere in Windows, including Photos or other Metro-style apps, the Start screen, or the Windows desktop.. • Play Trailer: This button launches the video playback of the game’s trailer.Windows Games Store. Figure 11-8: Now you can choose a two-way mirror. [Картинка: i_376.jpg]. The impact of this tool cannot be overstated. With Windows 7, you could perform a clean install of the operating system in about 20 minutes, a major improvement over previous versions. But that didn’t include the time and effort required to first back up your data, install updates, install applications, copy the data back, and then reapply all of your personal settings. With Windows 7, you typically spent the better part of day restoring a PC in this fashion. And it’s a time-consuming andboring process with lots of downtime.. • Windows kernel: The innermost part of Windows has been shored up with protection technologies that were curiously available only to other Windows components in previous OS versions.. And just in case it’s not clear why this ability to configure a connection as metered is important, consider this example: In the writing of this book, your authors of course spent a lot of time testing things—a process that involves reinstalling Windows 8 again and again and reconfiguring the OS from scratch to ensure that the behaviors we see and describe aren’t colored by other user or application configurations. While doing that for this chapter, the process of updating the OS and the bundled Metro-style apps (through Windows Store) consumed an entire 250 MB monthly cellular allotment in about half an hour. The ability to configure a metered connection isn’t just useful, it’s necessary..

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