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1.Press and hold or right-click the simple volume you want to mirror, and then tap or click Add Mirror. This displays the Add Mirror dialog box.. /X— Forces the volume to dismount first if necessary (implies /F). For NTFS volumes, Check Disk supports these enhanced options:. The sharing settings on a computer determine the way files can be shared. The two file sharing models that Windows Server 2012 R2 supports have the following differences:. FIGURE 3-13Specify the server and folder to use.. Reviewing and changing template settings. 1.In the GPMC, press and hold or right-click the GPO with which you want to work, and then tap or click Edit.. The update process also tracks configuration information and statistics for each computer. This information is necessary for the update process to work properly, and it can be stored on a separate statistics server (an internal server running IIS) or on the update server itself.. 3.In Network Connections, press and hold or right-click the connection with which you want to work, and then tap or click Properties. This displays a Properties dialog box for the connection, shown in Figure 7–3.. 2.If you want to enable the connection later, press and hold or right-click the connection in Network Connections, and then tap or click Enable.. ? DHCPv6 stateful modeIn DHCPv6 stateful mode, a client acquires its IPv6 address in addition to its network configuration parameters through DHCPv6.. 4.Optionally, you can enable or disable the name-protection feature. Tap or click Configure. In the Name Protection dialog box, select or clear Enable Name Protection, and then tap or click OK.. ? To All Domain Controllers In This Domain (For Windows 200 °Compatibility)Choose this strategy if you want to replicate DNS information to all domain controllers within the current domain, as needed for Windows 2000 compatibility. Although this strategy gives wider replication for DNS information within the domain and supports compatibility with Windows 2000, not every domain controller is a DNS server as well (nor do you need to configure every domain controller as a DNS server).. 5.Tap or click OK.. ? Print monitorWhen the document reaches the top of the printer stack, the print monitor sends the document to the print device, where it’s actually printed. If the printer is configured to notify users that the document has been printed, you get a confirmation message.. [-schedule:TimeToRunBackup].