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With Windows 8 and older Windows versions, it was generally important to install a security solution, such as Microsoft Security Essentials, before continuing on to other applications. But Windows 8 includes the functionality from Security Essentials as part of the Windows Defender solution, so this is no longer necessary. If you prefer a third-party security solution for some reason, however, you should install that first.. • Mouse and touch: Those with a touch screen, or those who prefer to the use the mouse, will find that accessing the Charms bar, as shown in Figure 5-2, and then Settings, will be the easiest route. Then, from Settings, click the link Change PC settings.. • Personalize: This settings group concerns settings related to Start screen, lock screen, and user tile personalization. But it also syncs two other very useful settings. First, as described earlier in this chapter, it’s possible to individually configure app tiles to provide live information or not; this settings group determines whether those customizations are synced. And second, it includes file type associations: If you configure, say, Windows Reader to open PDF files on one PC, it will be auto-selected as the default app for that file type across your PCs.. Figure 5-33: With a panoramic background picture, you can create a seamless display across multiple monitors. [Картинка: i_156.jpg]. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the SkyDrive application for Windows (, it will sync the contents of your SkyDrive cloud storage to the location on your PC that you configured. Then, you can access your SkyDrive storage as you do with any other storage that’s attached to your hard drive.. Figure 6-33: Your account [Картинка: i_197.jpg]. IE Metro only supports two tab thumbnail rows in the tab switcher. If both rows are full, and you open yet another tab, the oldest tab is removed.. • Pin to Start: Click to pin the current mail folder view to the Start screen for fast access. This works much as it does for contacts in the People app: You can rename the tile as desired, and

it will appear at the right end of the Start screen when first created.. The new way of doing things was triggered by a technological advance calledcloud computing. In this new model, your data isn’t stored on a single hard disk on a single PC, where it’s inaccessible from other PCs and devices and could potentially suffer from data loss because of a catastrophic hardware failure. Instead, the data is stored in the cloud—in powerful, geographically redundant data centers run by major corporations we actually trust—and is always accessible from any PC or device.. You may want to use Photos as the default choice when such a device is plugged into the PC, though we feel that you should examine your choices before making such a decision. Remember that you can always change what happens later using the AutoPlay control panel, though. So if you make a mistake, or want to change your selection later, you can do so.. In addition to the onscreen controls, you can display the app bar during playback to access more playback controls and other options. This app bar is shown in Figure 9-44.. • Repeat: When toggled, the current video will play on an endless loop.. • Not just for simple games: While there is no shortage of simple, casual games like Checkers and Hangman, Windows 8 Metro-style games can be as photo realistic and exciting as anything on the Xbox 360 or other dedicated game platforms. The system supports advanced DirectX capabilities for both 2-D and 3-D experiences that take advantage of every ounce of processing muscle your PC can provide. Will there be a future version ofCall of Duty orHalo in a Metro-style version? There’s no (technical) reason why not.. Figure 12-6: Add a user, Metro-styled [Картинка: i_399.jpg]. Put simply, there’s no comparison..

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