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If yes, then you simply cannot choose Windows RT. You’ll need to choose from the many Intel-compatible Windows 8 PCs.. Figure 1-12: A hybrid laptop lets you use the machine as a laptop or a tablet. [Картинка: i_013.jpg]. These choices seem straightforward, but the second option is a cleverly disguised way to trigger a process whereby you can install the Setup files to a DVD or USB memory device. This allows you to perform a more traditional, if less seamless, installation later, or to another PC.. Chapter 4. In previous Windows versions dating back to Windows 95, the Start experience was centered completely on the Start menu. This menu was evolved over the years and expanded in functionality and usefulness fairly dramatically in subsequent Windows versions. So did the ways in which we accessed the Start experience: first via a software button called the Start button (later renamed Start orb) and then via a Windows key on PC keyboards.. Accessing the Charms bar, of course, varies a bit between the two interfaces. For touch, simply swipe in from the right edge of the screen. With a mouse, you need to move the mouse cursor into the upper- or lower-right corner of the screen and then move the cursor along the right edge of the screen toward the center-right edge of the screen; as you do, the Charms bar will appear.. There are three basic lock screen features you can customize in PC Settings: the background picture, which apps can run in the background while the PC is locked

and provide simple status updates via the lock screen, and which app can run in the background while the PC is locked and provide detailed status updates.. Figure 5-37: Adding a SkyDrive folder to a library [Картинка: i_160.jpg]. • From other apps: Microsoft and third-party apps can provide front ends to Windows Store. The obvious example that’s included with Windows 8 is Xbox Games, which provides access to, among other things, Metro-style games for Windows 8.. Understanding the Mail App. To manage an existing account, navigate to Settings, Accounts and then click the account you wish to edit. You’ll see a pane like that in Figure 8-20.. Figure 9-14: Windows 8 asks what you’d like to do when you plug in this sort of device. [Картинка: i_306.jpg]. Figure 11-6: One storage space with a single contained storage pool [Картинка: i_374.jpg]. The wizard will make you repeat the gestures to ensure that you’ve got the sequence memorized correctly, and then you’re good to go. You can later change the picture password or remove it.Common Sense Security Tips for Picture Password. All of the networking functionality you’re familiar with from Windows 7 is present in Windows 8, though some of these interfaces have been updated to accommodate the new Metro environment that sits at the core of this new OS. Features that carry forward to Windows 8 include the following:.

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