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• Looking at advanced Windows 8 configurations. • Sharing and Connect to Devices: A simplification of the Select your computer’s current location step from Windows 7 Setup, here you can choose Yes, turn on sharing and connect to devices (for home or work networks) or No, don’t turn on sharing or connect to devices (for networks in public places). The Express default is Yes, turn on sharing and connect to devices. (SeeFigure 2-10.). One of the weirdest things about using a Mac is that Apple’s computers use nonstandard keyboards. It will take a little getting used to, but this handy guide (Table 2-1) to common key conversions should get you started.. That configuration in the previous figure is one of two possible ways in which a snapped, or secondary, app can be snapped in place next to another app. The other, of course, has the snapped app placed on the right side of the screen, as shown in Figure 4-11. Which side you use is a matter of taste.. As you can see in Figure 8-35, the snapped Calendar app provides a thumbnail view of the month as well as any events that are occurring today. You can also click other days in the month view to see the events for those days.. We’ll often refer to Bing Maps simply as Maps, and it is that latter, simpler name that is used in the user interface.. • Viewing photos from your PC and multiple online services with the Photos app. • Using the Xbox Companion app to find content

and play it on the Xbox 360 video game console. Finally, Metro-style games can utilize any common Metro-style user interfaces that are available to other apps, including edge-triggered app bars, file pickers, and the like. (That said, many games will choose to use more customized experiences, but that’s up to the developer.). Windows 8 also includes apps for Xbox entertainment services, including Xbox Music and Xbox Video.. Xbox Games. What you see here will depend on the platform of the game that you’ve selected. Most games will provide at least some descriptive text about the title. But you can also see a number of buttons, including:. • Explore Game: This button launches the game landing page discussed earlier.. So, yes, Windows Store is the go-to place for all Windows 8 apps. But if you’re just looking for Xbox LIVE games for Windows 8—that subset of Windows games that utilize the Xbox LIVE service and thus provide unique features like achievements—then Windows Games Store does that, and without any distractions. It includes featured games, picks for you (based on previously played games), genre lists, and more. To be fair, it’s not an actual marketplace; it’s just a group within Xbox LIVE games, and a window, if you will, into a very specific subset of Windows Store.Xbox Game Marketplace. Summary.

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