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3.Use the options provided to modify the settings as necessary, and then tap or click OK. The options available are the same whether you use the basic, advanced, or applications profile to create the shared folder.. ?Tap or click Restore to roll back the shared folder to its state at the time of the snapshot image you selected.. Table 4–4 shows special permissions used to create the basic permissions for folders. As you study the special permissions, keep in mind that when you create files and folders, these files and folders inherit certain permission settings from parent objects. These permission settings are shown as the default permissions.. 2.On the Configuration Action page, review the actions you can perform. (See Figure 5-11.) Create A New Security Policy is selected by default. Tap or click Next.. When an application uses an Installer package that is not Windows-based, you can update a deployed application or apply a service pack by following these steps:. [Картинка: microsoft.jpg]. ? Network ExplorerProvides a central console for browsing computers and devices on the network. Network And Sharing Center provides an overview of the network. The value below the network name shows the category of the current network as Domain

Network, Private Network, or Public Network. The Access Type box specifies whether and how the computer is connected to its current network. Values for this option are No Network Access, No Internet Access, or Internet. If you tap or click the name of a network connection, you can display the related status dialog box.. ? Class A networksIP addresses from to 1.Press and hold or right-click DNS in the console tree, and then tap or click Connect To DNS Server.. To deploy printer connections to computers, you must follow these steps:. Before you can use a backup device, you must install it. When you install backup devices other than standard tape and DAT drives, you need to tell the operating system about the controller card and drivers that the backup device uses.. ? START SYSTEMSTATEBACKUPStarts a system state backup by using the. wbadmin enable backup -ddTarget:{06d88776-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}. 5.On the Actions tab, tap or click New. In the New Action dialog box, select Start A Program in the Action list..

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