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?Improving performance and fault tolerance with RAID. You use the same technique to delete all volumes, whether they’re simple, spanned, mirrored, striped, or RAID-5 (striped with parity). Deleting a volume set removes the associated file system, and all associated data is lost. Before you delete a volume set, you should back up any files and directories the volume set contains.. Creating a virtual disk in a storage space. ?Managing existing shares. TABLE 4–6Disk quota templatesQUOTA TEMPLATELIMITQUOTA TYPEDESCRIPTION100 MB Limit100 MBHardSends warnings to users as the limit is approached and exceeded200 MB Limit Reports To User200 MBHardSends storage reports to the users who exceed the threshold200 MB Limit With 50 MB Extension200 MBHardUses the DIRQUOTA command to grant an automatic, one-time, 50-MB extension to users who exceed the quota limit250 MB Extended Limit250 MBHardMeant to be used by those whose limit has been extended from 200 MB to 250 MBMonitor 200 GB Volume Usage200 MBSoftMonitors volume usage, and warns when the limit is approached and exceededMonitor 500 MB Share500 MBSoftMonitors share usage, and warns when the limit is approached and exceeded. ?When a user opens a shortcut to the application. Following this, when you install Hyper-V on a server and enable external virtual networking, you’ll find that virtual network switching is being used. As shown in Figure 7–5, the server has a network connection with the Hyper-V Extensible Virtual Switch protocol enabled and all other networking components not enabled in the dialog box on the left and an entry for a virtual connection withthe key networking components enabled and the Hyper-V Extensible Virtual Switch Protocol disabled in the dialog box on the right. This is the configuration you want to

use to ensure proper communications for the server and any hosted virtual machines that use networking. If this configuration is changed, virtual machines won’t be able to connect to the external network.. 2.Enter a start address and an end address in the Start IPv6 Address and End IPv6 Address boxes, and then tap or click Add. The range specified must be a subset of the range set for the current scope and must not be currently in use. Repeat this step to add other exclusion ranges.. NOTEConfiguring a DNS client is explained in Chapter 7,“Managing TCP/IP networking.” Configuring a DNS server is explained in the next section of this chapter.. Adding name servers. By using Print Management, shown in Figure 10-1, you can install, view, and manage the printers and Windows print servers in your organization. Print Management also displays the status of printers and print servers. When you expand a server-level node and select the Printers node, you get a list of printers the server is hosting. If you are accessing the selected print server by using a Remote Desktop connection, you might also find entries for printers being redirected from your logon computer. Redirected printers are listed clearly as such with a (redirected) suffix.. [Картинка: imgfaf0.jpg]. ? TCP/IP DeviceChoose this option if you are sure the printer is a TCP/IP device.. You can manage backups and their configurations by using the following commands and command-line syntaxes:. Backing up C and D to a remote shared folder.

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