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Table 1-8: Reliability FeaturesFeatureWindows 8Windows 8 ProWindows RTPush Button ResetYesYesYesConnected StandbyYesYesYes. • 32-bit or 64-bit: Like Windows 7, Windows 8 is available in both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) variants. Generally speaking, you will want the 64-bit version for a clean install or migration. But if you plan to perform an in-place upgrade, you will need to use the same version, 32- or 64-bit, as your current Windows version. You can find this information in the System control panel.. If you’re upgrading or migrating, you will run Windows Setup from within your existing version of Windows and not boot the PC with the media you created.. Yes, we’re sure this name is an allusion to the Aero Snap window docking feature that debuted in Windows 7 and is still available on the Windows 8 desktop.. Figure 4-24: The new file copy/move experience in Windows 8 [Картинка: i_103.jpg]. Customizing the Desktop. • Pin to Start: Click to pin the current mail folder view to the Start screen for fast access. This works much as it does for contacts in the People app: You can rename the tile as desired, and it will appear at the right end of the Start screen when first created.. The second place is in PC Settings, the new Metro-style control panel. If you access this interface (Winkey + C, Settings, More PC settings) and navigate to Personalize, Lock screen, as shown in Figure 8-38, you will see some pertinent settings for Calendar.. Windows Reader presents a very simple full-screen interface, like many Metro-style apps, but some interesting features are revealed, as always, by activating the app bar (Winkey + Z, swipe toward the center of the screen from the top or bottom edge, or right-click anywhere). Windows Reader is shown in Figure 8-54 with its app bar displayed.. Using the Photos App. Windows has used various technologies over the years to help overcome the inevitability of data loss. For example, Windows 7 includes a feature called Previous Versions that automatically stores document revisions so that you can later go back and resuscitate an older document version when needed. It also includes a Windows Backup utility that does a decent job of backing up important files, or even the entire PC.. • Refresh Your PC performs similarly, but this amazing utility retains all of your personal data, settings, and Metro-style apps (but not legacy desktop applications), reapplying them to Windows after it has been reinstalled.. Windows 8 also provides interesting new choices for signing in, augmenting the long-lived password system with some new choices that may make more sense on today’s modern Windows devices and PCs. As always, securing your PC against electronic and human attack is job one for Windows 8, and in this version of Windows, you have more tools than ever to help ensure that your PC and its valuable data are safe.. Like EFS, BitLocker enables you to encrypt data on your hard drive to protect it in the event of physical theft. But BitLocker offers a few unique twists:. Compositor: Craig Woods, Happenstance Type-O-Rama.