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The next screen, shown in Figure 2-5, determines what type of install you will perform. Because this is so important, and can vary from PC to PC, we’ll need to spend a bit of time on this. (This figure was obtained by running the Windows 8 Setup from Windows 7.). Figure 2-27: The Boot Camp control panel [Картинка: i_040.jpg]. Too ponderous? Depending on the app, Ctrl + P still works for printing, too.. • Knowing when to use which browser. Figure 7-4:See this tile instead? That’s the IE 10 desktop tile. [Картинка: i_202.jpg]. As with mobile device browsers, IE Metro does not support the notion of Home, let alone allow you to configure multiple homepages, as does the desktop version of IE. Instead, the browser maintains state between sessions, and even between shutdowns, so that the last site you were visiting—all open tabs, really—are automatically reloaded the next time you open IE Metro.Back and Forward. One last hoop: Newly installed providers don’t always show up in the Manage Add-ons window immediately. To make that happen, you may need to close the Manage Add-ons window and try again. It’s surprisingly laborious.. Managing Accounts. • Set as … Lock screen: While you can always use the PC Settings interface to select a favorite photo for your lock screen image, oftentimes you’ll think to do this while actually viewing photos. This menu item, found by tapping the Set as button, lets you do so.. To use this feature, enter a folder or view that contains photos. Then, select individual photos, as you would when selecting Start screen tiles: by right-clicking them, tapping and dragging down a bit, or by pressing the Spacebar; as you select a photo, a selection rectangle will indicate success. Or you can select every photo in a folder by opening the app bar and pressing Select All.. What you can’t do, of course, is configure other photo acquisition options, and this is why we noted previously that you may want to review your options first. Photos doesn’t let you name the acquired photos to your liking (unless you happen to like the default, which is to use awful, camera-based names). And it doesn’t let you choose whether to delete the photos from the device once they’re acquired. (They are not deleted.). • Play/Pause: Play or pause the currently playing track.. Oddly enough, Microsoft does allow developers to advertise legacy desktop games and applications in Windows Store alongside Metro-style games and apps. These games do not necessarily offer any of the formal capabilities provided through true Metro-style games, and, because of this, Microsoft doesn’t let you download those games from the Store. Instead, you’ll be directed to visit the developer’s web site.. Of course, you need to find it first. The easiest way is via Start Search: Display the Start screen, typeuser, select the Settings filter in the right pane, and then choose User Accounts in the results list. This displays the old-school User Accounts control panel, as shown in Figure 12-7.. Using this information to keep track of usage is, of course, valuable for cellular data connections, which are always metered. You can click the Reset link in the Networks pane to reset the data usage estimate to 0..