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• Settings: Another context-sensitive charm, Settings provides an interesting array of features. At the top of the Settings pane that appears, shown in Figure 3-12, you’ll see links to settings that pertain to the current view, which could be the Start screen, a Metro-style app, or the desktop environment. But at the bottom, you will find links to settings that are always available, from any of those experiences.. The Volume icon provides a way to change the system volume using a slider that appears when the icon is clicked, as in Figure 3-13.. • Open new window: This option is applicable to Windows Explorer and it lets you open a new Explorer window. (The same as typing Winkey + E.). Either would work. But both solutions are specific to that one browser. If you decide to use a different web browser, you’re out of luck. And if you want to share via a service or other mechanism that’s not supported by the browser you use—perhaps one that’s not been invented yet—you’re equally out of luck.. No matter. It’s here now. And while only Windows itself and new Metro-style apps can take advantage of this new notifications platform, they work on the desktop as well. So if you get a new e-mail or have an upcoming appointment, you will still get alerted.. Or simply read on.. That said, you can still eject a mounted VHD just as you do with ISO: Right-click and choose Eject, or select Eject from the Disk Tools: Drive tab in the Explorer ribbon.. Figure 8-57: Find a location with Bing Maps. [Картинка: i_285.jpg]. Here’s a rundown of the actions you can trigger from these pop-ups:. First, you can use the Play album, Play song, Play top songs, and other similar buttons you’ll see as you navigate around the Xbox Music Store to stream virtually any music in its entirety. If you were not an Xbox Music Pass subscriber, you’d only get a 30-second preview. (This streaming functionality is also available on Windows Phone handsets, Xbox 360 consoles, and via the web.). The Xbox Video app is a bit more limited than that, actually. It can’t play DVD- or Blu-ray-based movies either.. Here, the total storage pool capacity is again roughly 6 TB, but the maximum pool capacity usage is different than that of a three-way mirror configuration because of the way parity works.. • Understanding how cellular data networks work and how they are different from other network types. If you’ve purchased a modern Windows 8 PC or device, especially a portable computer such as a laptop, Ultrabook, tablet, or hybrid PC, chances are good that it came with at least a SIM module, which would allow you to later add a SIM card and associated data plan from your wireless carrier of choice and use that connectivity to access the Internet on the go.. Figure 14-13: Mounting a VHD as if it were a physical disk [Картинка: i_443.jpg].