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For an individual file, Windows Server marks the file as encrypted, and then encrypts it. For a directory, Windows Server marks the directory as encrypted, and then encrypts all the files in it. If the directory contains subfolders, Windows Server displays a dialog box that allows you to encrypt all the subfolders associated with the directory. Simply select Apply Changes To This Folder, Subfolders, And Files, and then tap or click OK.. ?Supports storage tiers to automatically move frequently used files from slower physical disks to faster Solid State Drive (SSD) storage. This feature is applicable only when a storage space has a combination of SSD storage and hard disk drive (HDD) storage. Additionally, the storage type must be set as fixed, the volumes created on virtual disks must be the same size as the virtual disk, and enough free space must be available to accommodate the preference. For fine-grained management, use theSet-FileStorageTier cmdlet to assign files to standard physical drive storage or faster SSD storage.. FIGURE 3–9The Share tab shows which users and groups have access to the share and what type of access they have.. 1.In Computer Management, connect to the computer on which you created the share.. Setting NTFS disk quota policies. ? Notify For Download And Notify For InstallThe operating system notifies the user before retrieving any updates. If a user elects to download the updates, the user still has the opportunity to accept or reject them. Accepted updates are installed. Rejected updates aren’t installed but remain on the system, where they can be installed at a later date.. ? ManuallyIP addresses that are assigned manually are calledstatic IP addresses. Static IP addresses are fixed and don’t change unless you change them. You usually assign static IP addresses to Windows servers, and when you do this, you need to configure additional information to help the server navigate the network.. 2.If you want to enable the connection later, press and hold or right-click the connection in Network Connections, and then tap or click Enable.. 2.Enter a start address and

an end address in the Start IP Address and End IP Address boxes, and then tap or click Add. The range specified must be a subset of the range set for the current scope and must not be currently in use. Repeat this step to add other exclusion ranges.. Every domain should have a primary DNS server. You can integrate this server with Active Directory, or it can act as a standard primary server. Primary servers should have forward lookup zones and reverse lookup zones. You use forward lookups to resolve domain names to IP addresses. You need reverse lookups to authenticate DNS requests by resolving IP addresses to domain names or hosts.. To sign a zone while customizing the signing parameters, follow these steps:. ?When you use a remote shared folder for storing backups, your backup will be overwritten each time you create a new backup. Do not choose this option if you want to store multiple backups for each server.. ?If you want to back up to a remote shared folder, select Remote Shared Folder, and then tap or click Next. On the Specify Remote Folder page, enter the UNC path to the remote folder, such as \\FileServer43\Backups.. In safe mode, Windows Server 2012 R2 loads only basic files, services, and drivers. The drivers loaded include those for the mouse, monitor, keyboard, mass storage, and base video. The monitor driver sets the basic settings and modes for the server’s monitor; the base video driver sets the basic options for the server’s graphics card. No networking services or drivers are started unless you choose the Safe Mode With Networking option. Because safe mode loads a limited set of configuration information, it can help you troubleshoot problems.. HereVolumeNameis the storage location that contains the backup you want to recover, such as F:. Additionally, you can do the following:.

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