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how reset windows 10 when windows start programs

You can also choose between Mac OS X and Windows 8 when the Mac boots up. To do so, wait for the Mac’sbong sound at restart and then hold down the Alt/Option key. You’ll see a graphical boot menu appear with choices for Mac OS X, Windows, Recovery HD, and, if available, a bootable optical disc. Select the partition you want and enjoy.. Either way, the effect is the same, and you will visually peek through to the desktop, so that any floating windows that were on-screen will disappear temporarily, replaced by the outlines shown in Figure 4-6.. You can access Windows Help and Support more quickly by pressing F1 from anywhere in the desktop user interface.. The Share tab contains commands related to sharing, of course, and for this reason it’s a location you most likely won’t be using very often.. Figure 4-43: The new Windows 8 Search experience [Картинка: i_122.jpg]. Consider a typically busy website like the one shown in Figure 7-13. While it is possible to read such a site on larger screens, the text is small and hard to read with smaller displays like those on a slate-based device.. That is, they rely on online services in ways that are pervasive and necessary. So with People, you will not manage contacts that are local to that one PC. Instead, you will manage contacts that are stored in one or more cloud-based services. Ditto for Mail, Calendar, and Messaging. None of these apps works only with local data. (In fact, none work with local data at all.). Figure 8-54: Windows Reader with its app bar displayed [Картинка: i_282.jpg]. Doing More with Videos. You can find and acquire Xbox Games through the Xbox Games app, too, but it is utilizing Windows Store on the back end.. • Rep: This is your rep, or reputation score, on a scale of one to five. Every Xbox LIVE member starts with a rep of 3, but it can go up or down from there based on your experience (where the more you play, the higher the rep) and whether any other gamers complain about you online (the more you misbehave, the more people complain, and the more your rep declines).. Storage, Backup, and RecoveryIn This Chapter. Storage Spaces provides two basic services:. Getting Ready for Storage Spaces. • Chipset requirements: Hyper-V requires modern Intel and AMD microprocessors that include Second Level Address Translation (SLAT). This is a feature of all current generation microprocessors (for example, Intel“Sandy Bridge” and newer) at the time of this writing..