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You can grant special access to an encrypted file or folder by pressing and holding or right-clicking the file or folder in File Explorer, and then selecting Properties. On the General tab of the Properties dialog box, tap or click Advanced. In the Advanced Attributes dialog box, tap or click Details. In the Encryption Details For dialog box, users who have access to the encrypted file are listed by name. To allow another user access to the file, tap or click Add. If a user certificate is available for the user, select the user’s name in the list provided, and then tap or click OK.. The second set of parity data is written diagonally (meaning in different data rows on different disks). Each diagonal row of data has a diagonal parity value, the sum of which is stored on the diagonal parity disk for that row (and calculated by using an exclusive OR). Each diagonal parity stripe misses two disks: one disk in which the diagonal parity sum is stored and one disk that is omitted from the diagonal parity striping. Additionally, the diagonal parity sum includes a data row from the horizontal row parity as part of its diagonal parity sum.. After you create a storage pool, you can allocate space from the pool to virtual disks that are available to your servers. Each physical disk allocated to the pool can be handled in one of three ways:. ?Using and enabling file sharing. 1.In Computer Management, connect to the computer on which the share is created. In the console tree, expand System Tools, expand Shared Folders, and then select Shares.. 3.Using Volume List view or Graphical View, press and hold or right-click the volume with which you want to work, and then tap or click Properties.. 1.With the Security Templates snap-in selected in the MMC, choose New Template Search Path from the Action menu.. ?If the template does not change the startup configuration of the service, the value for the Startup column is listed as Not Defined. Otherwise, the startup configuration is listed as one of the following values: Automatic, Manual, or Disabled.. ?Tap or click Add. In the New RADIUS Client dialog box, enter a friendly name for the remote server in the Friendly Name text box. Then enter the DNS name of the remote DHCP server in the Address text box. Tap or click Verify to ensure that the DNS name is valid.. 2.Press and hold or right-click the server entry, and then tap or click New Zone to start the New Zone Wizard. Tap or click Next.. 2.In the New Conditional Forwarder dialog box, enter the name of a domain to which queries should be forwarded, such 1.In the DNS Manager console, press and hold or right-click the server you want to configure, and then tap or click Properties.. ? Full server (all volumes with application data)Back up all volumes with application data if you want to be able to fully recover a server, along with its system state and application data. Because you are backing up all files, the system state, and application data, you should be able to fully restore your server by using only the Windows backup tools.. 8.Tap or click Browse. Use the dialog box provided to specify a file location for the certificate file, and then tap or click Save. Be sure that this location is secure, because you don’t want to compromise system security. The file is saved with the.pfx extension.. 9.Tap or click Next, and then tap or click Finish. If the export process is successful, you’ll get a message box confirming this. Tap or click OK to close the message box..