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?View properties of disks, partitions, and volumes. ?Managing RAID and recovering from failures. You can format simple volumes as exFAT, FAT, FAT32, or NTFS. To make management easier, you should format volumes that span multiple disks as NTFS, which enables you to expand the volume set if necessary. If you find you need more space on a volume, you can extend simple and spanned volumes by selecting an area of free space and adding it to the volume. You can extend a simple volume within the same disk, and you can also extend a simple volume onto other disks. When you do this, you create a spanned volume, which you must format as NTFS.. Self-healing NTFS has many advantages over Check Disk, including the following:. 2.In the console tree, expand System Tools, expand Shared Folders, and then select Sessions. You can now view connections to shares for users and computers.. 8.For UNIX computers, you configure access primarily based on the computer names (also referred to ashost names). By default, no UNIX computers have access to the NFS share. If you want to grant read-only or read/write permissions, tap or click Permissions, set the permissions you want to use in the NFS Share Permissions dialog box, and then tap or click OK. You can configure no access, read-only access, or read/write access by client computer name and client computer groups.. Deleting disk quota entries. You can use ipconfig to check the currently assigned IP address and other configuration information. To obtain information for all network adapters on the computer, enter the commandipconfig /allat the command prompt. If the IP address has been assigned automatically, you’ll notice an entry for Autoconfiguration IP Address.. Saving and restoring the DHCP configuration. ? Optimize for fault toleranceA failover scope optimized for fault tolerance has an extended time delay configured in its scope properties. The time delay on the secondary DHCP server causes the server to respond with a delay to DHCP DISCOVER requests from DHCP clients. The delay on the secondary server enables the primary DHCP server to respond to and accept the DHCPOFFER first. However, if the primary server becomes unavailable or overloaded and is unable to respond to requests, the secondary server handles requests and continues distributing addresses until the primary server is available to service clients again. For fault tolerance, set Hot Standby as the failover mode.. Configuring global names. Deleting a domain or subnet permanently removes it from the DNS server. To delete a domain or subnet, follow these steps:. 1.In the DNS Manager console, press and hold or right-click the server you want to configure, and then tap or click Properties.. 4.If the printer you want is not listed in the Select A Printer list, tap or click The Printer That I Want Isn’t Listed. On the Find A Printer By Name Or TCP/IP Address page, do one of the following:. FIGURE 10–11You manage print jobs and printers by using the print management window..