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Generally, when you work with internal fixed drives, you often need to perform advanced disk setup procedures, such as creating a volume set or setting up a redundant array of independent disks (RAID) array. Here, you create volumes or arrays that can span multiple drives and you know the exact physical layout of those drives.. ?If you no longer want to mirror your drives, you might also want to break a mirror. This allows you to use the disk space for other purposes.. 2.In the Properties dialog box, select Details in the left pane, and then choose Version on the Property selection list.. Policies that control NTFS disk quotas are applied at the system level. You access these policies through Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Disk Quotas. Table 4–5 summarizes the available policies.. 1.In the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC), select the OU with which you want to work. In the right pane, the Linked Group Policy Objects tab shows the GPOs that are currently linked to the selected OU (if any).. Getting to know Software Installation policy. A network connection is created automatically if a computer has a network adapter and is connected to a network. If a computer has multiple network adapters and is connected to a network, one network connection is created for each adapter. If no network connection is available, you should connect the computer to the network or create a different type of connection.. 2.On the General tab, select Automatically Update Statistics Every and enter an update interval in hours and minutes. Tap or click OK.. The DHCP server has a self-monitoring system that checks disk space usage. By default, the maximum size of all DHCP server logs is 70 megabytes (MB), with each individual log being limited to one-seventh of this space. If the server reaches the 70-MB limit or an individual log grows beyond the allocated space, logging of DHCP activity stops until log files are cleared or space is otherwise made available. Typically, this happens at the beginning of a new day when the server clears the previous week’s log file for that day.. ?Per-scope options override global options. 3.Tap or click OK to save your changes.. 2.Press and hold or right-click a reservation, and then tap or click Properties. You can now modify the reservation properties. You can’t modify options that are shaded, but you can modify other options. These options are the same options described in the previous section.. You use the A and AAAA records to map a host name to an IP address, and the PTR record creates a pointer to the host for reverse lookups. You can create address and pointer records at the same time or separately.. REAL WORLDIf you’re actively troubleshooting a DNS problem, you might want to configure testing to occur every 10–15 seconds. This interval will provide a rapid succession of test results. If you’re monitoring DNS for problems as part of your daily administrative duties, you’ll want a longer time interval,such as two or three hours.. ?User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Start Menu And Taskbar.